7 Plants that Offer Privacy

7 Plants that Offer Privacy

If you love to retreat to your yard for a quiet moment or two, you might be looking for more ways to add privacy. Fencing is always an option, but the truth is it can be quite expensive and not very visually appealing. Plants are a wonderful solution if you are looking for some natural privacy, since many varieties can grow vertically and create a growing wall that offers protection. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, take a look below at 7 plants that offer privacy and that are perfect for growing in your space!

1) Cypress

Cypress trees are a tall and quite slender tree, that can be planted in a row to create privacy. They will grow quickly, so you don’t have to wait long for results. Many people like the fragrance of cypress as well, and find it to add further ambiance to the space. Consider cypress trees to solve your privacy needs.

2) Bamboo

This may not be your first thought when it comes to privacy plants, but bamboo can work quite well. The most important thing is you need to choose a non-invasive species which are sold at a reputable gardening center. When planted in clusters, bamboo can grow quite tall and thick and create a nice barrier.

3) Clematis

If you want a flowering variety, clematis is it! Clematis is perfect for growing along a trellis and can create a flowering wall in no time. Just plant some clematis starts or seeds at the base of the trellis, chain link fence, or wall you wish to cover and the clematis vines will take it from there.

4) Morning Glories

Morning glories are much like clematis, as they love to climb and vine all over the place. Plus, they will add some nice color to your space as well. Just plant some morning glory starts or seeds at the base of the trellis, chain link fence, or wall you wish to cover and it will do the rest.

5) King Tut

King Tut is a tall, reed like plant that seems to grow overnight. You can plant it in clusters and in just weeks it can be over 4 feet tall. It offers a nice, tropical look and is perfect for creating privacy when planted around patios or decks.

6) Boxwood

The best thing about boxwood shrubs is they can be trimmed and manicured into any shape you wish. You can gently train them to cover any space you wish, and therefore they make wonderful privacy options. They are hardy as well, so if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs you can still enjoy success with boxwoods.

7) Moonflower

If you love the idea of a flowering privacy wall, moonflower is another option for you. Moonflower is much like morning glories except it blooms at night! It smells lovely and reflects the moonlight quite nicely. Just plant some moonflower starts or seeds at the base of the trellis, chain link fence, or wall you wish to cover and in weeks you will have beautiful blooms all over the place.

If you are ready for some natural privacy in your yard, give these 7 plants that offer privacy a try! They are sure to get the job done while looking great.

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