7 Must Have Accessories for Electric Pressure Cookers

7 Must Have Accessories for Electric Pressure Cookers

My Instant Pot Pressure Cooker has become my favorite kitchen appliance and I’ve been obsessed with getting all the best accessories so I can cook practically anything in the pressure cooker. You may already have some of these accessories in your kitchen and many of them can even pull double duty, for example a small steamer basket can be turned over for use as a trivet. All you really need are a few simple items and you’ll be able to make just about anything in your pressure cooker. These are my absolute favorite pressure cooker accessories!

1) Steamer Basket

A steamer basket is an essential pressure cooker accessory because it will greatly expand its cooking capabilities.  With a steamer basket you can steam and roast meats and vegetables without having to worry about scratching the insert. Keep in mind that the wider the steamer basket, the more food it will fit. I don’t recommend getting one with a center “stem” because it will reduce how much it can hold, plus you can use the regular kind as a trivet in the pressure cooker as well! I really like this perforated insert because it holds a lot and has a handle.

2) Heat Proof Containers

With heat proof containers you can pressure cook delicate dishes like puddings, flans, cakes, rice and fish. Oven proof or heat proof containers can be made of silicone, heat-proof glass (like pyrex), ceramic, stainless steel and aluminum. Never use plastic or glass that isn’t tempered. Smaller containers or ramekins can even be stacked in multiple layers in a steamer basket or on top of a trivet. You can use anything from cereal bowls to tea cups and even small stainless steel mixing bowls or disposable aluminum pans. Keep in mind that aluminum heats faster than ceramic so cooking times may have to be adjusted accordingly.

3) Trivets and Racks

Trivets and racks are used to keep foods and containers from touching the base of the cooker. For example a roast or chicken is placed on a trivet to keep it from resting on the bottom. Even larger containers should be lowered onto a trivet or rack. You can get a trivet specifically for the size of your pressure cooker or you can turn over a short steamer basket, small stainless bowl or even a ceramic plate – whatever works best for you!

4) Glass Lid

When you have a glass lid, or non-pressure cooking lid, you can use your pressure cooker as a high quality pot or slow cooker. Since my pressure cooker has replaced my slow cooker its been relegated to the garage, but I every once in awhile I want to make a traditional slow cooker recipe so the glass lid comes in very handy and takes up much less space to store. You can get a glass lid that’s specifically designed for your pressure cooker but really any glass lid that fits will do, simply measure your cooker’s diameter carefully from edge to edge in both inches and centimeters before you shop for one.

5) Canning Accessories

Although all pressure canners can also be used as pressure cookers, not all pressure cookers can be used as pressure canners. The guideline from the USDA is that a cooker must be able to hold four quart-sized jars in order to be considered a canner. Check the specifications for your pressure cooker to be sure it can also be used as a canner, if so you’ll just need a few simple canning tools like this Norpro 6 Piece Canning Set and you’ll be able to can all sorts of vegetables, jams and jellies.

6) Silicone Pinch Mitts

Lifting the metal insert out of the pressure cooker can be difficult, especially if its still warm, so I highly recommend a set of these silicone pinch mitts to protect your fingers and get a better grip on the edges. With a good grip you’ll be able to pull out the insert without worry of it slipping and splattering dinner everywhere. These dog and frog mini silicone mitts are so adorable and they also come in lots of other fun styles and colors.

7) Silicone Tipped Utensils

The non-stick insert that came with your pressure cooker is delicate and can be expensive to replace so you’ll want to use silicone tipped utensils to keep from damaging the non-stick coating on your insert. Some of my favorite choices include this 10 piece set of silicone utensils because I love the red and the set comes with everything you need.

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  1. Reminds me of my new pressure cooker I got as a present 2 Christmases ago. I need to use it already, lol! This is a good guide list for when I need to get accessories for it. Thank you for this post!

  2. What a great list! I did not know that they had that many accessories.

  3. I don’t think I have ever used a pressure cooker before. So this is very helpful to me! I am going to bookmark this 🙂

  4. I absolutely LOVE my instant pot; however I didn’t know there were so many accessories! Thanks for the info!

  5. I swear my entire life changed the day I first used a pressure cooker!! Now I use them for everything and especially swear by desserts done in there for which the ramekins you’ve listed would be perfect. Thanks for the great post!

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