6 Ways to Avoid Frugal Burnout

6 Ways to Avoid Frugal Burnout

Staying focused on your financial goals can be extremely difficult, especially if everyone around you seems to be spending like money grows on trees.  If you feel like your motivation to live frugally is dwindling, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Try some of these tips to keep yourself from experiencing frugal burnout:

1) Create a financial goal that will motivate you.

Do you have reason to scrimp and save? Create a goal that will excite you! Pay off a credit card debt, build an emergency fund or save for a family vacation. If it helps to create visual charts, tables or other records of your progress, then by all means, go for it!

2) Take small steps.

There are hundreds of tips out there to living frugally, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow them all at once. Make a list of tips and tricks that will work best for you and your lifestyle, and start focusing on those first.

3) Be organized.

If you’re a coupon cutter, then you probably already know how much work it is to prepare for a trip to the grocery store. Don’t let your coupons stack up. Set aside a particular day and time for organizing your coupons each week.  Also, don’t think you have to clip them all – check out these organization tips to stay on top of your coupons.

4) Keep good company.

Instead of hanging out with big spenders, try surrounding yourself with people who have good spending habits. You can also visit various frugal blogs regularly. Keeping good company will help you feel encouraged and inspired to stick with the program.

5) Don’t do things that don’t work for you.

Do you absolutely detest shopping and haggling at yard sales and flea markets? Do you hate growing your own vegetables? Then don’t do it! There are plenty of other ways to save money.

6) Don’t deprive yourself completely.

Give yourself a break and treat yourself to something every now and then. Don’t keep your budget so tight that you feel deprived of anything and everything fun. If possible, allocate a small portion of your weekly or monthly budget money for little treats and sudden sales. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the occasional pizza, DVD, or even a new shirt on sale.

Sometimes, living frugally is easy. Other times, it is not. The next time you feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated by your tight budget, you need to remind yourself that frugal living is a constant process and that it’s okay to mess up. Give yourself room to make mistakes, then pick yourself up and try again.

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