6 Reasons It Pays to Have a Roommate

If you’re moving into an apartment and are looking to save a little money, then you might want to consider getting a roommate. If you aren’t convinced that you’ll enjoy more savings with a roommate, then consider the reasons listed below:

1)  You get more value for your money.

If you were to live on your own on a limited budget, you might be able to afford a very small studio apartment. With a roommate, you’ll be able to rent a larger apartment that would give you both more value and more space.

2)  You can split the monthly expenses.

Obviously, a roommate will help you split the cost of your monthly rent—but rent isn’t the only thing you can save on. Utilities, Internet, and cable are other bills you can share with your roommate.

3)  You can share the cost of household essentials.

Living in a house or apartment with other people means that it’s everyone’s responsibility to share on household essentials such as toiletries, laundry soap and cleaning supplies.

4)  You can carpool.

If you and your roommate study in the same school or work in the same area, then why not carpool and save significantly on your gas expenses? You can also carpool to places such as the grocery store or mall if you both want or need to go at the same time.

5)  You save on food expenses.

If you or your roommate knows how to cook, you’ll be able to save significantly on food expenses. Cooking even the most basic dishes for two or three people will definitely cost less than eating out or cooking for just one person.

6)  You can split entertainment expenses.

Apart from splitting the utilities, why not split the costs of a Netflix account? You live under one roof and don’t really need more than one account to get your fix of movies. The same goes for magazines. If you both like the same magazines, then why not share the cost of a magazine subscription?

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