6 Items You Can Borrow from Family and Friends

Are you committed to living a frugal lifestyle and making smart decisions? One way to be frugal is to refrain from buying certain things when you can opt to borrow them from family and friends instead. Take note—we are talking about items, and not money. Here are some great items you can borrow and lend out to people you trust.

1) Baby items

Before you start buying things for your baby’s nursery, see if your relatives or friends have anything their babies no longer need. See if anyone has a crib, stroller or high chair lying around in storage somewhere and you might save yourself a lot of money.

2) Children’s clothes

Kids grow out of their clothes ridiculously quickly. Borrow clothes from your child’s older cousins—and pass them on to the next child afterwards.

3) Books, video games, DVDs, etc.

Looking for a new book to read or a new game to play on your computer? Trade a good book or a DVD with your friend. You can even lend a Kindle book to another person!

4) Party supplies

If you’re hosting a dinner party, why not borrow your mom’s punch bowl instead of buying a brand new one? Are you throwing a birthday party for your daughter? Your sister or neighbor might just have a Bouncy Castle lying around in storage.

5) Musical instruments

If you or your children want to learn a new musical instrument, then try asking around before purchasing a brand new guitar or drum set. If you don’t want to buy a new piano, then see if your child can practice at her grandmother’s house instead.

6) Seasonal tools and equipment

Do you need to clean your roof and gutters in the fall or clear up the snow in the winter? If you only need such machinery a few times a year, then borrow such equipment from a relative or neighbor—or if you’re purchasing something, ask if they want to split the costs with you.

Make it a point to return what you borrow and to return the item in good, working condition. Also, do your best to lend out your things, too. Borrowing and lending should go both ways!

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