6 Great Tips for Selling Success on eBay

When it comes to ways of making a little money, selling items on eBay may not be an obvious option. However, you’d be surprised at the number of people who have raised thousands of dollars on this one website. You don’t necessarily need to sell extraordinary items—you just need to know how to make the most of the site.

Follow these steps and you too can start experiencing selling success on eBay:

1. Do a little research.

Before listing a particular item, do a little research on similar products selling on eBay. Take note of how much interest there is in the item, as well as how much it seems to be selling for.

2. Start your auctions at $0.01.

It may seem tempting to begin your auction at a price closer to what you’d like to actually get, but starting at $0.01 is a smarter choice for small items. You’ll capture more interest this way, and you’ll have more people following your auction until the very end. Of course, you may feel comfortable using a different pricing tactic if you’re selling a very expensive item.

3. Upload professional-looking photos.

People may be making an online purchase, but they still want to see what they are buying. Avoid using stock photographs. If you have a camera, then take nicely lit and arranged photographs of all the products you list on eBay in order to accurately show the item’s condition.

4. Make your message a good one.

The way you write your eBay listing can greatly affect the outcome of your sale. Write an enticing and detailed description of the item, and use any necessary keywords. Include sizes and dimensions when applicable. Be transparent. It helps to include a more personal message, such as your reason for selling the product.

5. Communicate.

Make it a point to check your messages regularly so you can quickly and respectfully respond to all queries. Timely communication with your potential customers can boost sales. Someone might just be waiting to hear back from you before making a bid on your item.

6. Study your shipping options.

You may be trying to make some cash, but don’t make money off of shipping charges. Spend some time searching for the best shipping method for your product in terms of both reliability and expense. Your customers will thank you for it.

These are just some of the many things you can do to achieve success when selling on eBay. Follow these tips and you’ll not only gain good feedback from your customers, but you’ll fatten up your wallet, too.

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  1. LOVE this post!! Makes me want to put together some stuff to sell on eBay! Much easier than yard sales, and can all be done in the house instead of outside on a hot day waiting for customers to come.

  2. I haven’t sold on eBay for many years. I found I was often short changing myself on shipping fees.

  3. I just find it appalling when I see sellers trying to make money off shipping fees. It’s like cheating.

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