6 Essential Shopping Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday brings out the shopping adrenaline in die hard shoppers like no other day! A little preparation can make that very busy day more fun, more productive, and less stressful.

1) Scope Out the Sales

Check out the various retailers’ ads to find out what the deals are. You’ll find many online sites that will give you a heads up beforehand so you know where the best deals will be. Check online store sites as well as newspaper inserts.

2) Make a Schedule

Find out what time the stores you want to visit will be open. Map out a strategy to hit the stores based on those times and their locations so that you aren’t doing unnecessary driving.

3) Be Comfortable

Few things ruin a shopping trip faster than being hungry, thirsty, tired or having sore feet. Get some sleep the night before, eat before you go, pack snacks and water, and wear comfortable shoes. It’s going to be a long day and you can expect stores to be crowded and lines to be long.

4) Charge Your Cell Phone

This is especially important if you are shopping with a group. Be considerate of other shoppers—things will be noisy enough without you chatting on your cell phone—but it sure comes in handy if you’re having trouble locating a group member in the crowds.

5) Be Safe

Don’t make your wallet accessible to others. Keep it close to your body—use a fanny pack or a bag with a strap that crosses your body to hold your wallet. Don’t carry large amounts of cash. Don’t leave your purchases in plain view in your vehicle. Put them in the trunk, or at the very least, cover them with a blanket. If at all possible, stop at home throughout the day drop off big ticket items.

6) Enjoy the Day

Remember that today will not be a day to plan on doing things quickly. Be patient with store employees and with other shoppers and drivers. Enjoy the hustle and bustle AND the deals you are finding!

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