5 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Budget

5 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding BudgetWeddings can be very expensive celebrations— most married couples will agree. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be so costly. We have previously discussed several ways to trim your wedding budget, and here are some more ways you might be able to save big on your big day:

1) The wedding dress

As a little girl, you may have already dreamed of the perfect wedding gown to wear down the aisle. However, you should avoid overspending on just one piece of clothing—even if it is your wedding dress. With a little patience, you’re bound to find a wedding dress you love within practically any price range. Shop around and you may just find the dress of your dreams at last-season sales or on the Internet. You may also want to consider purchasing a floor sample or even wearing a used dress! Check eBay and Craigslist or ask your family members if they have a dress that might work for you.

2) The venue

Your budget may not be able to handle a lavish ceremony in a grand ballroom, so be creative with your options. Why not get married at the park or throw a sweet and intimate party in your (or your mom’s) backyard or barn? Another way to save big is by having both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. You’ll save on venue fees, chair rentals, and you’ll even reduce your carbon footprint.

3) The cake

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Save money on your cake by serving other treats such as cake pops, brownies or cupcakes, or even consider baking your own wedding cake. If you aren’t talented in the kitchen, then ask a good friend or relative to bake these goodies for you as a wedding gift or ask at your favorite grocery store – both Publix and Winn Dixie have bakeries ready to create reasonably priced cakes for your wedding.

4) The food

Of course you want the food at your reception to be delicious, but that doesn’t mean it has to be excessive. Pay attention to the difference in costs between a buffet setup and plated meals. If you’re hiring a caterer, be honest about your budget and take note of the entrees that are more affordable.

5) The drinks

If you’re the type of couple who can’t do without a bar at your reception, then at least find ways to trim the alcohol expenses. Instead of stocking a full and open bar, consider offering your guests a selection of wine, beer, and perhaps one or two signature cocktails.

Your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be special. If these alternatives will make you just as happy and will make the day just as perfect for you, then try them out and save loads of money in the process!

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