5 Tips to Enjoy a Beach Day with Younger Kids

5 Tips to Enjoy a Beach Day with Younger Kids

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach with the kids! The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the water and laughter from the kids makes the day wonderful. Enjoying the beach with younger kids isn’t always beautiful though, sometimes it can be quite overwhelming for a parent. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to enjoy a beach day with younger kids so you can all get the most out of your beach day.

1) Plan Ahead

Having a beach day with younger kids will require some extra planning. Things to think about are – how to get food to the beach, how to handle bathroom breaks, how to take care of the kids’ safety near the water and what supplies are necessary for a full day at the beach. Make a checklist of items and concerns so that you’re able to fully prepare.

2) Rolling Carts

This beautiful creation, a rolling beach cart, is a life saver when having a beach day with younger kids. Be sure to invest in a rolling cart that has tough, durable wheels to roll through the sand as well as the parking lot and boardwalk. There’s nothing worse than having to go back to the car for something with a bunch of younger kids in tow. A rolling cart will let you bring all supplies down to the beach at once, ours is big enough to carry a large cooler, umbrella, chairs and kids toys while we throw beach bags over our shoulders.

3) Don’t Forget Favorite Items

Sometimes younger kids will still need their naptime, yes even if you’re having a beach day. Plan ahead by bringing along their favorite naptime items. This will help your younger kids to relax for naptime even when they’re on the sandy beach and want to play all day. Bring a portable blue tooth speaker or MP3 player that can play soft music to allow the younger kids a reasonable nap at the beach.

4) Think About Shade

You’ll need to bring along a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent for shade during your beach day. Most beaches don’t have an area for shade and younger kids will tire quickly and heat stroke is possible if in the sun too much and not properly hydrated. Be sure to bring along products that will help create shade in an area near your beach day location.

5) Stay Near the Lifeguard

Pick a beach day location earlier in the day near the lifeguard. This will make sure that you have a secondary eye on the younger kids. It’s always nice to feel like you have a second set of eyes on the kids at the beach. Water can be dangerous and accidents happen too quickly. Being near the lifeguard allows the younger kids to wade in the shallow water more safely as both you and the lifeguard will be nearby.

These simple tips to enjoy a beach day with younger kids are sure to make the trip more enjoyable for all! What are your tips for a fun beach day out with the kiddos?


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