5 Tips for Making Extra Cash in Facebook Garage Sale Groups

5 Tips for Making Extra Cash in Facebook Garage Sale Groups

You’re looking to make some extra cash, right? Look no further than Facebook! There are a ton of garage sale groups available for your area and the areas around you and new ones are popping up every day. So much easier than trying to organize an actual garage sale. Especially if the weather isn’t cooperating! If you’re interested in getting into selling in Facebook garage sale groups, follow our 5 tips for making some extra cash.

The 5 best tips you will find for making extra cash in Facebook garage sale groups are right here!

1) Find the Best Groups

So, garage sale groups on Facebook are usually broken up by areas. Some will include only a specific town, or may clump together several towns in the local area if there’s not much travel distance between them. Find the best groups that fit your locale. For instance, if you live in Chicago, there are a ton of suburbs that may be listed separately or a group admin may have created a large group that’s a collective of all the suburbs combined. Find where you want to focus selling and join the groups that match.

2) Bigger Numbers = More People Reached

When choosing a group or groups to join, you really want to take into consideration not only locale but the number of members in that group. The more members there are, the more likely whatever you’re trying to sell will be seen by an interested person and actually bought! You may also notice some people belong to several different groups. Don’t worry about that. It’s just them doing the same thing you are!

3) Provide Amazing Pictures

When selling in Facebook garage sale groups, you need to approach it as if you were having your own garage sale. When you have a physical garage sale, people driving by will stop because they’re pulled in by the visual appeal of the items you have set out. The same principle applies when selling online. If you provide amazing pictures, more people will be drawn to your post and you will increase your chance of selling that item faster.

4) Be Very Descriptive

When you’re ready to list an item for sale, the more descriptive you are about the item the more interest you will get. A lot of posts get passed over because the seller fails to give enough details. You’ll want to include sizes, color, dimensions, etc. While the picture draws them in, buyers are not able to stand there with you and get details, so the more you details you give in your post, the more likely it is to sell. Granted, they can always comment on the post and ask questions, but that wastes time and ultimately money. The faster something sells, the more likely you are to get the amount you’re asking for and you can concentrate on listing other items.

5) Set the Bar High

Researching the value of your item, both used and new, ahead of time will better prepare you in knowing what your listing price should be. Buyers will almost always try to negotiate the price, so set the bar high, but not ridiculously high. You can always negotiate down, but you can never negotiate up!

Facebook garage sale groups are great tools if you’re trying to make extra cash. There are no fees associated, so all the money you make goes right in your pocket. Follow these 5 tips for making extra cash in Facebook garage sale groups and start making money today!

Have you tried out Facebook garage sale groups? If so, and you have tips to share, go ahead and leave them in the comments!

Photo Credit: © Kianlin | Dreamstime.com – Facebook Logo Photo


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  1. Great information. Haven’t tried Facebook garage sale groups, but now I will. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve never tried Facebook Garage Sale groups but I’ll have to look into them.

  3. I have not tried a FB group for that yet, but it seems like the way to go now.

  4. I have never tried a garage sale group before but I have so much stuff right now that I could easily be selling! Thanks for the info – I need to take advantage of this!

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