5 Things You Can Cut from Your Monthly Budget

5 Things You Can Cut from Your Monthly Budget

Have you been looking for ways to beef up your savings account? Take a good look at your monthly budget and you’re bound to come across several things that you might be able to do without. Here are some suggestions on ways to reduce certain monthly expenses or take them off your budget completely:

1) Gym Membership

You don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money in order to keep fit. Use that old bicycle in the garage. Put on those running shoes and hit the pavement. Buy a workout DVD for around ten to twenty bucks. There are plenty of forms of exercise you can do that don’t necessarily require machines and a personal trainer.

2) Home Phone

Are you still paying for your home phone line? Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. If no one in your household really uses the landline, then have it disconnected and find better uses for your money. If you really do need a home phone check with your cell or cable provider to see if they have cheaper rates.

3) Mobile Phone

Take a good look at your cell phone bill. Are you maximizing your free minutes? Are you paying extra for your special ring tone? Call your service provider and see if there are cheaper mobile plans that are better suited towards your needs. With just a quick simple phone call you may be able to drastically reduce your bill. I recently stopped by the AT&T store and found out I qualified for a free new smartphone and at the same time switched to a plan with more data that actually still cost $15 less a month – score!

4) Cable TV

Are you really watching all those extra channels? If your answer is no, then maybe it’s time to cut the extra services. If you can’t live without certain channels, at least see if there are better packages available, or better yet get yourself an inexpensive Roku or Fire TV stick and stream your favorite movies and TV shows.

5) Magazine Subscriptions

Most magazine subscriptions renew automatically unless you say otherwise. Do you really read these magazines? If not, then cancel your subscriptions immediately. If you can’t live without those glossy pages, then at least consider buying back-issues at a much cheaper price.

These are just some of the expenses you can cut from your monthly budget. Making a few small sacrifices can go a long way in terms of paying off your debts and saving for the future.


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  1. I just sign up for free magazine subscriptions which give me a year of free magazines then I drop them and 30 days later come back and get another year of free magazines. you can get free cell services using smaller lesser known carriers and just pay for the phone . we cut cable 2 yrs ago and use Netflix and get free trials of hulu every 6 months. Cut ATT and got Vonage which is only 20 a month. We don’t use the gym so don’t have to waste money with that.

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