5 Practical Ideas for Wasting Less and Saving More

Saving more by wasting less—it’s an obvious thought, but it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. Wasting less entails having to make smart decisions. It means saving the money that you have not yet spent.

Here are some simple ways you can waste less and save more:

1. Pay your bills online.

When possible, pay for your bills online. Go paperless! You’ll save on time, postage, envelopes and gas to do your errands. You’ll even save trees.

2. Take quicker showers.

It may feel wonderful to take a long, hot shower, but you have to remember that you’re wasting a lot of water and are overworking your heating bill. You don’t need to give up hot water completely. Spend a few minutes less in the shower and you’ll be saving hundreds of gallons of water each month.

3. Stop buying bottled water.

As you're probably already aware, bottled water is extremely hazardous to mother nature. It’s also pretty rough on your wallet. Why not carry around your own reusable plastic or aluminum bottle of water? It’ll help make a difference on both your budget and the planet.

4. Use washcloths and cloth napkins.

Say goodbye to paper napkins and paper towels. Limit your paper trail considerably by using washcloths, cloth napkins and reusable towels instead of their paper counterparts. Cloth can even clean your messes better too.

5. Don’t start new projects—complete unfinished ones instead.

Did you ever finish cross-stitching that pattern you started several years ago? You already purchased all the thread for it anyway. Instead of buying new art for your walls, why not finish printing and framing the family photos you set aside last summer? Why not pick up where you left of?

These are five great examples of ways to waste less and save more. Keep them in mind and you’ll be well on your way to making a huge difference on your household budget. What tips do you have to save more and waste less?

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  1. I always pay my bills online for convenience. I also read somewhere that cutting at least 2 minutes off shower time could save gallons per year!

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