5 Painless Tricks to Build Your Emergency Fund

5 Painless Tricks to Build Your Emergency Fund

Building an emergency fund is vital but it can be hard to do when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Build your emergency fund with small steps that you will barely notice and you can stop the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Small steps add up and you’ll enjoy the padding of a nice savings account.

Use these painless tricks to build your emergency fund.

 1) Look for bonus money

that you can transfer right to savings. This can be ATM fee refunds, interest on accounts, or cash back points. Check with your bank to see if it has options to send funds over directly to your savings. If not mark you calendar for the appointed dates these deposits come in and move them over yourself.

2) Save the change

When you find or receive change don’t spend it, save it instead. Put the change right into a coin jar and fill it up. When the jar is full take half for fun money as a reward for sticking it out and toss the other half into your savings account. You have gone without spending this money for a long time and you won’t even notice it missing.

3) Look for rebates on items you already buy 

Rebate money saving apps are a great way to do this. Build your emergency fund with these by putting the rewards amount into your savings. If you receive payment in a way you can not add to savings just swap and use cash for the savings and spend the reward on things you need. Walmart has a great Savings Catcher program and app that helps you get money back when something you buy is cheaper at another local store.

4) Get a side job as a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers make a small amount of money but they get reimbursed for the things they buy. This lets you earn a bit of extra money you can put into savings and get something you want or need for virtually free. The extra bonus of free stuff and a bit of cash means you can toss the money you earn into savings without feeling any hit to your budget.

5) Host a yard sale

Get the clutter out of your house and earn a bit of cash for your savings account at the same time. Have fun with it and reap the rewards of building your savings painlessly while clearing out things you probably shouldn’t have spent money on in the first place. This can also help you become more mindful of your spending.

You can build your emergency savings without feeling the pain of extra financial strain by looking for money that you do not already expect and budget for each month. By building up your emergency savings you end the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and the financial devastation of emergencies.


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