5 Hidden Moving Costs You Should Watch Out For

Woman moving inMost people will tell you that moving can be a stressful, chaotic and expensive experience. No matter how organized and careful you are with your moving budget, you’ll find that additional costs can quickly and unexpectedly add up. If you want to reduce your moving costs, then here are some hidden moving costs that you should watch out for:

1) Packing supplies and materials

A number of moving companies charge extra for packing supplies and materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. The cost of these materials can easily add up to hundreds of dollars, so start collecting sturdy boxes as early in the moving process as possible. Make sure to be thorough in your packing so that the moving company doesn't have to redo your work later on.

2) Disconnection fees.

You may not be aware of it, but some moving companies charge extra if they do more than just pick up your boxes and load them into the truck and vice versa. Asking movers to disconnect gas lines or disassemble furniture may cost you more than expected.

3) Long carry or stair fees

Some moving companies charge extra if the movers have to carry your furniture up the stairs, or if they have to walk a very l

ong distance to get to your home. Natural obstacles or narrow driveways may also make it more difficult for movers to carry your items from one place to another. If you’re moving to the ninth floor of a certain apartment building, you must remember to ask the moving company about these additional location fees.

4) Charges for very heavy items.

Do your movers need extra equipment or manpower for heavy items such as hot tubs, grand pianos, and the like? Inform the moving company of all of these large items and check that they include lifting fees in the estimate. You don’t want to get caught off guard when you see your final bill.

5) Time

Some moving companies bill by the job, while other companies bill by the hour. Hiring a company that charges by the job may mean that they’ll move fast, while going with a company that charges by the hour may mean that you’re not just paying for the drive to your new home, but for their breaks, too. Be sure to ask about this payment method to ensure that your movers don’t take their sweet time on purpose.

With so many things to think about and pack, it can be easy to miss out on a few details. Take these hidden moving costs into consideration and you’ll find yourself more financially prepared for your big move.

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