5 Hidden Hotel Fees You Can Avoid

Have you ever been shocked by the number of hidden fees that your hotel is charging you upon checking out? You’re not the only one who has been a victim of these extra fees!  Here are some common hidden hotel fees you should learn to watch out for:

1) High-speed internet

Almost all hotels include high-speed internet in their list of amenities. Unfortunately, many hotels charge for internet use on a daily basis. Check to see if Wi-Fi is free at the hotel lobby and check your email there instead.

2) Telephone charges

The telephone in your room may look like just another hotel feature, but don’t make any calls just yet. Check with the front desk to see if there are any phone charges and what they are. Many hotels even charge for local calls—so forget about making long distance calls if you’re on a limited budget.

3) Room service

Ordering from room service can be fun, but it can also be costly. Not only does your food cost more, the room service bill at most hotels will also automatically include a delivery charge and a service charge. Plus you’ll be expected to tip the person who delivers the food.  Eat at the hotel restaurant or better yet, go somewhere off premises when possible.

4) Airport shuttle

Remember that airport shuttle that picked you up at the airport and took you to the hotel? Shuttle services are often free—but some hotels do charge for the use of their shuttles. Find out in advance before you get on one.  If the charge is per person and you’re with a group of people, it may be cheaper to take a taxi.

5) Snacks and bottled water.

Those snacks and bottled water that the hotel left on the table may seem tempting, but are they free? The hotel usually leaves a small sign by the snacks that say whether or not they are complimentary. When in doubt, call the front desk to check. If the food is from the mini-bar, however, keep in mind that you will definitely be paying an inflated price.

Be a smart traveler and familiarize yourself with these fees so you can properly avoid them the next time you’re booked at a hotel. A little precaution will save you some extra bucks later on.

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