5 Foods That Save You Money

5 Foods That Save You Money

When it comes to stretching the budget most of us look at our food budget to take the cut. One way to make cuts is to stock up on foods that save you money. When you think of cheap foods often what comes to mind is BEANS… In truth beans do not save you much money if your family does not like them. Wasted beans is wasted money.

What are some foods that save you money?

1) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the top foods that save you money. Oatmeal can be used to make dishes more filling. You can serve it for a hearty hot breakfast or mix it into ground meats to make them go further. The high nutritional value of oatmeal makes a huge impact on how full and healthy your family is after dinner.

2) Eggs

Eggs are a great frugal protein source. Now that the bird flu disaster is winding down the price of eggs has dropped dramatically making them hop back on to the foods that save you money list. Eggs can make foods more filling, they make a great snack when hard boiled and have hundreds of other ways they can be cooked for anytime of day. The nutritional value of an egg (if you eat the yoke) has a great impact on your health.

3) Rice

Rice is also a great filler. You can serve it with nearly anything. From Mexican rice to wild rice and white rice is fairly universal and does a great job of filling tummies because of its expanding nature.

4) Baking Supplies

Making your baked goods from scratch can cost pennies on the dollar compared to buying pre-made products at the supermarket. Serving home baked breads will make meals seem more filling reducing the amount of food each person consumes. When baked at home you can add nutrition to your baked goods getting even more for your money helping keep your family healthy on a budget. This is even more vital to families on limited to no grain diets.

5) Herbs and Spices

When you think about foods that save you money odds are herbs and spices do not come to mind. Herbs and spices save you money by making more foods appeal to your families taste allowing you to create tasty foods with a limited food stock during lean times. Many herbs and spices can be used help keep your family healthy. For example, you can use herbs and spices to make many different dishes from hamburger so you can serve this less expensive protein more often.

When it comes to stocking the pantry foods that save you money are the foods that pack the most nutrition and have filling power for their price. Sometimes this means a food will cost more but with the better nutritional impact you get more for your money. When planning your meals look for ways to utilize these filling high nutrition foods through the day. Keeping variety is vital so try not to get stuck on the same foods each day in effort to save money.


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