4 Things to Consider When Buying Pizza Delivery Bags

Pizza Bags

If you’re running a pizzeria, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into pepperoni and crust types, but the actual pizza delivery bags may have slipped your mind. Here are just four things to consider when buying protection for your pies from one destination to the next.

1: Price

The very first thing you should do is work out a budget for your bags. How many can you afford? Will you save money if you buy in bulk? Can you purchase a manufacturer guarantee if their internal temperatures don’t live up to the hype?

2: Insulation

Hot delivery bags are absolutely critical for maintaining the quality of your product, but there are different insulation types depending on your needs and price range. For example, thermopac bags start with a single layer; vacpac bags contain four.

3: Performance

If you only plan on making short-range deliveries, an industry standard bag should be enough to keep your pizzas warm during their journey. If you deliver to the entire county, however, or if you want to make a name for yourself through your steaming toppings, you might need to look into premium performance bags.

4: Size

Pizza bags aren’t “one size fits all.” Some are made for single pies; others can comfortably carry two or more. Don’t forget to factor in dimensions when making your final purchase decision.

These are just a few useful considerations when buying pizza delivery hot bags. Remember, the quality of your product will mean nothing if it arrives at the destination ice cold!


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