4 MORE Ways to Save on Your Food Budget!

If you’re a frequent visitor to Shopper Strategy then I’m sure you know a thing or 200 about couponing, and you’re probably aware that menu planning can save you a bundle on your grocery bill, but here are four MORE ways to save on your food budget:

1.)  Serve breakfast for dinner once a week – not only is this a fun change of pace, but breakfast meats and other menu ingredients are typically much cheaper.

2.)  Purchase cheaper cuts of meat and prepare them in a crock pot so the meat is tender and tasty.

3.)  Prepare a meatless meal once a week – serve omelets, potato soup, red beans and rice, or search online for recipe inspiration.

4.)  Shop for clearance sales of dated items like meat, bread and dairy products that are nearing their ‘best by’ dates.  Keep in mind that these foods don’t actually expire, and that the dates on them are simply recommendations for understanding when products will be at their peak.


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