4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Summer vacation means only one thing for children: Freedom from school! For young ones, this time of the year means a blissful few months without having to wake up early, do homework or see their teachers. It means fun, fun and more fun. For parents, however, summer vacation can be a completely different story. Many parents tend to stress over just how much time their children should spend lazing around on the couch and watching television or playing computer games.

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids were involved in something educational and productive for the summer break? Here are a few creative ways to keep your kids entertained over their summer break:

1) Open a lemonade stand.

The idea of a lemonade stand may seem old-fashioned—but customer service, marketing, sales and finance are just some of the lessons the young ones can learn from running a lemonade stand for a day. You can even agree to open shop on your sidewalk every Saturday—and the profits can go towards buying an item of their choice at the end of the summer break.

2) Plant a garden.

Why not take advantage of the sunshine and plant a small flower or vegetable garden in your backyard? Feeding, watering and even weeding plants will give children a sense of responsibility. You can help your children track plant growth with charts and daily photos or drawings of their plants. Afterwards, celebrate with a huge feast—with their vegetables as the main ingredient, of course!

3) Open up a car wash.

Give the kids a hose, soap and a sponge, and ask them to spend the afternoon washing your car. Of course, you can give them a little something for their hard work. If your children want to earn more income, you can even ask neighbors, aunts, uncles and grandparents if their cars are in need of substandard cleaning.

4) Write a story.

Let your imaginations go wild and write a story with your kids. Writing chain stories is a great way to produce truly entertaining tales. One child can write the first paragraph of the story, then he or she will show the last one or two lines to the next person, who will then add another paragraph to the story. This will go on until the story is deemed complete. You can opt to illustrate the story and bind it into a book. The kids can give copies of their book to their grandparents and other relatives for Christmas, and they will surely be a big hit!

These are just some great activities for your children to get involved in while they are off from school. These activities will hone their talents and sharpen their imaginations.


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