4 Alternative Ideas for Your Wedding Registry

4 Alternative Ideas for Your Wedding RegistryYou’ve already got the towels, the bed sheets, and the plates. Perhaps you and your soon-to-be-spouse seem to have everything needed to completely furnish your home. If you are currently in need of things other than appliances and random knickknacks that will just end up in storage, then why not consider some alternative ideas for your registry?

1) Honeymoon

Are there no wedding funds left for a romantic honeymoon? Honeyfund.com and TravelersJoy.com are free online gift registries for your honeymoon. You can list various items you can’t afford to pay for, such as airfare, accommodations, massages, and even a bottle of wine. Your guests will not only help fund your trip, but can choose to pay for a certain experience to make your honeymoon one to remember forever!

2) A home

Many couples already struggle to pay for the various wedding expenses and struggle even more to save funds for their first home. If the one thing you really need is a place to live, then take a look at sites such as FeatherOurNest.com, HatchMyHouse.com and DownPaymentDreams.com. These websites allow your family and friends to give you cash that will go towards a mortgage or down payment for your first home as husband and wife.

3) Home improvements

Do you already have a home, but lack the funds for home improvements? Stores such as Restoration Hardware and Home Depot have wedding registries for couples just like you! Check out RestorationHardware.com or HomeDepot.com and sign up for their gift registry.

4) A favorite charity

If you’re feeling charitable or even financially secure, then why not ask your guests to make a donation to a good cause instead of buying you a gift? Start married life on the right foot. The IDoFoundation.org and JustGive.org are websites that allow couples to give back to the community through their wedding.

There’s no rule that says your wedding registry has to be a traditional one. Think out of the box and sign up for registries such as those mentioned above. Your guests will be more than happy to know that their gifts are going towards something that you really need or want.

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