20 Fun and Engaging Jelly Bean Activities for Kids

Jelly Bean Kids Activities

There’s just something fun and magical about jelly beans so I went searching for activities and other things you can do with jelly beans besides eating them (of course that’s allowed too!) and I came up with this great list of 20 fun and engaging jelly bean activities for kids. We always seem to end up with a bunch of extra jelly beans around this time of year so now I’m armed and ready with some fun stuff for the kids to make and do with the leftovers!

*1) Jelly Bean Counting [Things To Share and Remember]

2) Edible Jelly Bean Playdough [Lemon Lime Adventure]

3) Jelly Bean Science [Mrs Jones Creations]

*4) Building With Jelly Beans [Lemon Lime Adventures]

5) Jelly Bean Color Matching [Modern Preschool]

6) Jelly Bean Play Dough [Craftulate]

7) J For Jelly Bean Activity [Confessions Of A Homeschooler]

*8) Jelly Bean Clip and Count [The Kindergarten Connection]

9) Magic Jelly Beans [My Two Little Birds]

10) Jelly Bean Sensory Bin [Stir The Wonder]

11) Jelly Bean Learning Printables For Kids [Tot Schooling]

*12) Jelly Bean Letters [Premeditated Left Overs]

13) Jelly Bean Taste Test [Child Hood 101]

14) Painting With Jelly Beans [Housing A Forest]

*15) Jelly Bean Seeds [See Mom Click]


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  1. Now THIS is an awesome list! Looks like some weekend fun coming up!

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