15 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

15 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and it’s hard to believe. If you need ideas of how to keep your kids busy this summer, I want to share some ideas. It’s tough thinking of ways to keep the kids busy this summer, but it’s possible. Moms and dads get ready because “I’m bored” will be a phrase of the past. Check out these ways to keep the kids busy this summer.

1) Side walk chalk – Everyone needs a little chalk in their lives.

2) Zoo pass – If you live next to a pool, sign up for a zoo pass.

3) Pool pass – Why yes, a pool pass is pure genius for keeping the kids busy this summer.

4) Random acts of kindness – Get your kids involved in doing nice things for other people.

5) Let them build – Get some scrap wood and let your kids build the summer away.

6) Free play – You don’t have to entertain your kids at every waking moment. Let them have free play!

7) Have a bonfire party – Invite the neighborhood kids over and have a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs is a must.

8) Provide outdoor games – Sand box, bikes, board games, and anything else that can go outside makes for awesome busy activities.

9) Let them work for money – If your neighbors need help with chores, let your kids help and let them get paid.

10) Head to the library – No matter who you are, the library is a fun place to spend your summer days.

11) Get a pen pal – If your child is old enough to write, get them a pen pal. They will keep their writing skills up and learn some new things along the way.

12) Set up a sprinkler – I love sprinklers because there is a little more independence involved. You can set up a sprinkler and let your kids play for hours.

13) Paint rocks from nature – Do you have kids that are more artistic? Allow them to paint rocks to keep busy this summer.

14) Make a homemade tent for your kids – For some reason, kids love tents and an outdoor tent is just the coolest thing ever.

15) Give them a cardboard box – Have you ever seen how excited kids get about cardboard box? Let them color or paint on the box.

There you have it, 15 ways to keep the kids busy this summer. What ways do you keep your kids busy during the summer months? I’d love to hear your ideas.


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