15 Summer Beauty Commandments for Every Woman

15 Summer Beauty Commandments for Every Woman

Ah, summer…Can you just hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore, smell the salty sea air, and taste of the tropical drinks? No? Are you too busy dealing with breakouts, frizzy hair and a sun burn to enjoy beach season? We all know the coveted Victoria’s Secret -swimsuit-model-look isn’t easy to achieve, but if you follow these 15 summer beauty commandments, you’ll spend more time having fun and less time worrying about the way you look (and feel). After all, confidence is the best accessory!

1) Don’t leave home without oil blotting papers.

For about $5 a pack, these purse-sized, tissue-like papers will absorb excess oil to keep you looking fresh and clean. Use the oil blotting papers before applying makeup and throughout the day (with or without makeup).

2) Don’t skip the facial moisturizer.

Just because you’re feeling sweaty and shiny, doesn’t mean your skin can forgo a moisturizer. Remember, water and oil are two different things! Pick up an oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen and apply it daily.

3) Sunscreen is your friend.

Even if you’re not worried about skin cancer, sun damage and wrinkles, excess sun exposure can fade your hair color and leave you with a painful sun burn. Always apply sunscreen and don’t be afraid to wear big sunglasses and a fabulous hat. Think JLo!

4) Go for a sunless tan.

You don’t need to avoid the sun completely, but if you’re wearing sunscreen, you’ll never get the sun-kissed glow you crave. Stay safe by opting for a sunless tan. Gone are the days of streaky, orange messes! Thoroughly exfoliate beforehand, apply your sunless tanner and moisturize daily to make it last longer.

5) Deodorant body wipes are a godsend.

You may have never noticed these thick, washcloth-like, wipes in the deodorant aisle, but I promise you, they are the answer to under-boob sweat! They won’t leave you smelling like a granny, but will leave you feeling refreshed. Toss a pack of deodorant body wipes in your purse or beach bag for use all summer long.

6) Switch to powder foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Most of us find a makeup routine that works and stick to it, but during the summer months, we have to lighten up. A powder foundation or tinted moisturizer will wear so much better on “dewy” skin. Have you ever seen someone whose thick foundation had started to sweat off? It’s better to lighten the veil (and let your skin breathe) than to look like a literal hot mess.

7) Use a glossy lip crayon instead of lipstick.

Again, ‘tis the season to lighten up. These will give you more color than a tinted balm, without the sticky mess of a lip gloss (and with more staying power).

8) Invest in waterproof mascara and a really good eye makeup remover.

If you can’t imagine leaving your house without mascara, don’t be the woman who can’t have any fun at the beach, lest her eye makeup run and smear! When using waterproof mascara, remember to use an eye makeup remover specifically formulated to remove long-lasting makeup, or you’ll be tugging at that delicate skin and ripping out lashes in the process.

9) Don’t shave the day you plan to go in the water.

Whether it’s a chlorinated pool or the salt water, you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to burning skin irritation, not to mention cuts and nicks open to bacteria in the water. Shave the day before you plan to swim. If you tend to get razor burn, use witch hazel or an acne product with salicylic acid over the affected area to speed up the healing process.

10) Remember that sunlight on toe nail polish equals yellow nails.

If you can’t go with naked nails, you can use those new trendy nail wraps or commit to dark/bright polish throughout sandal season or do your own salon gel nails for extra protection.

11) Exfoliate & moisturize your feet daily.

Flip flop season actually does a number on our toes. You may notice your feet are dry and callused. Make this nightly routine a habit all summer long: Use a thick body scrub on your feet (And please don’t use the same scrub on your face!), slather them with a heavy foot cream and cover with cotton socks before bed.

12) Earrings make it all better.

There will be many summer days when your hair and skin are just not cooperating. A flashy pair of dangly earrings will quickly and easily distract from all of that. I say go makeup-less and don a pair of chandelier earrings for an instant, effortless, luxe look.

13) If you do burn, moisturize your skin to minimize peeling.

The key to avoiding the dreaded peel, after taking on that lobster look, is to lotion up! Aloe gel is both moisturizing and soothing for pain, but can be sticky. Whatever you choose, use more than usual and apply it more often.

14) Buy dry shampoo, a hat, and cute headbands or scarves.

Come up with unique ways to deal with your hair in a hurry. You don’t want to waste a minute of your vacation (or staycation) stressing over your strands. And if you color your hair, you already know you shouldn’t be washing it daily. Get through the season with a little help from dry shampoo and accessories.

15) Every body type looks glamorous in a maxi dress.

Don’t confuse maxi dress for muu muu! Most stores carry long, flowy, printed tank and strapless dresses. Prints tend to look more glam (and solid colors show sweat marks anyway). Don’t worry about your height. These dresses are so comfortable and you’ll be ready for the day or night out in minutes!


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