15-Pc Professional Titanium Pro Steel Knife Set Only $14.99 Shipped

This is a fabulous deal on a professional knife set, this 15 piece Titanium Pro steel knife set is regularly priced at $59.99 but it’s on deal of the day at eBay today for only $14.99 with free shipping.  That’s only a buck a piece so check it out if you’re in need of some new knives.


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  1. Just an fyi for you and really only trying to help others out and perhaps not waste their money. I am always looking for a good deal on an additional set of knives, so I saw this and was interested. I googled these knives and they are on Amazon for $14.54 with pretty bad reviews. I am sure they would be an ok starter set or to send with your college student, otherwise, just wanted to give a heads-up on what I found so no one wastes their hard-earned, well-saved $$ !!

  2. Ouch, thanks for the heads up Donna – I sure appreciate it! Sounds like they used the word “professional” rather liberally 🙁

  3. Am I the only one who counts 14 pieces in this 15 piece set? Perhaps the scissors are counted as two pieces because they require two fingers to use and because the word scissors is plural. Anyway I bought a never used 18 piece set of Titanium Professional at a yard sale for five bucks. It is still never used. The steak knives are flimsy and I am afraid that I will cut myself if I ever try to use one. But they look impressive and sit atop my kitchen counter. I’m waiting for someone to make an offer. I won’t refuse.

  4. That’s so funny – I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right there are only 14 pieces showing. Maybe there is a knife block or container that comes with them and just isn’t pictured? Thanks for pointing that out!

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