15 Awesome Jelly Bean Gift Ideas

15 Awesome Jelly Bean Gift Ideas

I like to mix it up for the kids’ Easter baskets each year so they’re not always getting the same things from the Easter Bunny, but spring just screams jelly beans to me so no matter what they get there are always jelly beans in their baskets! If you’ve got some jelly beans fans on your gift list then check this awesome list of super fun jelly bean gift ideas:

1) BeanBoozled Spinner set – The whole family can get in on this Jelly Bean Game

2) Jelly Belly 50 Flavor Sampler Gift – 50 different flavors to sample, Jelly Belly is a great treat for everyone

3) Jelly Belly 4 pounds of Jelly Beans – Do you love Jelly Belly, Jelly Beans? Here are 4 pounds for you to keep to yourself or share

4) Troll Jelly Bean Set – Do you have a Troll lover in your house? This Jelly Bean set is super cute

5) Gourmet Black Licorice Jelly Beans – Do you love black licorice Jelly Beans? These are amazing

6) Mickey Mouse Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser – This is a super cute way to keep your Jelly beans

7) Jelly Belly Star Wars 5pc Kids Basket – Star Wars Jelly Belly 5pc Gift Basket, now that’s a gift anyone would love

8) Birthday Jelly Belly Gift Set – This super cute bear comes with a wonderful set of Jelly Belly Beans, a perfect Birthday Gift

9) Bertie Botts Flavour Beans – Harry Potter’s Bertie Botts Flavour Beans are a sure win for that Harry Potter Fan on your list

10) Disney Ultra Jelly Belly Gift Box – The perfect Jelly Bean gift for the Disney lover on your list

11) Mr Jelly Bean Machine – A fun Jelly Bean Dispenser for all your Jelly Beans

12) Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn Set – My favorite Jelly Belly, Buttered popcorn!

13) Jelly Belly Hello Kitty Ceramic Candy Dish – This Hello Kitty Jelly bean Candy dish is super sweet

14) Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Dispenser – A super fun way to dispense your favorite Jelly Bellies

15) 1 pound bag of Mixed Jelly Belly Beans – Keep your Jelly Bean dispensers full with this 1 pound bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Which of these jelly bean gift ideas is your favorite?


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