10 Ways to Save Money at TJ Maxx

10 Ways to Save Money at TJ Maxx

Many people flock to TJ Maxx for great deals on clothing, home décor, fragrances and more. TJ Maxx can in fact be a great place to find deals, and even sweeter is the fact that you can implement some simple tips and tricks to save even more cash when you shop. Look at these 10 ways to save money at TJ Maxx, so you can fill that cart with all of your favorite finds for less.

1) Sign up for TJ Maxx Rewards

When you sign up for a TJ Maxx Rewards card you can earn points on your purchases, good for discounts that you can redeem later. This is a rewards card that is essentially a credit card, so you will need to be approved for it. However, using it when you shop can help you rack up spending dollars pretty quickly.

2) Look for the Orange Stickers

TJ Maxx marks their sale items quite clearly. Look for the bright orange or yellow stickers on tags to find the hot deals. These are typically the final mark downs these items will receive so you know you are getting a great price when you see one.

3) Look for Clearance in Each Section

Most stores have one giant clearance section, but TJ Maxx actually has a small clearance section in each department. Look for this section in each department so you can find last minute deals and steals.

4) Seasonal Items Get Discounted Early

TJ Maxx doesn’t wait until the holiday is over to start marking down seasonal décor pieces. Shop a week or so before the holiday arrives in order to find clearance pieces. By shopping early you will get first dibs on deals.

5) Shop Early

Savvy shoppers swear that by shopping when the store opens you get the best deals. Stores often restock after hours so when you arrive at opening, you get first dibs on the newest items and even recently reduced pieces.

6) Weekdays Are Your Friends

Weekends are typically too busy for stocking shelves, so most TJ Maxx stores get restocked on weekday evenings. Weekdays will always be your best day to shop as you will see the newest items and have less competition.

7) Deals Can Be Hidden Anywhere

TJ Maxx tends to be one of those stores that people walk around with items and set them down anywhere and everywhere. Check out all of the departments when you visit as you never know what you might find.

8) Point Out Any Blemishes

If the item you want has a stain, scratch, or dent be sure to point it out. Most stores will give you an additional discount if you show them damage on the item.

9) Don’t Forget the Gourmet Food Section

This tends to be a section that has reductions often! They need to keep food products moving so you can often find hot deals here. Look for deals on nuts, coffees, teas, and other gourmet foods perfect for gift giving.

10) Get Discounted Gift Cards

Enroll in survey programs like Swagbucks where you can earn points redeemable for TJ Maxx gift cards or check out eBay for discounted gift cards. You can combine those gift cards with coupons and sales for even greater savings!

Are you ready to shop at TJ Maxx for less? Consider these 10 ways to save money at TJ Maxx and see how simple it can be to get the stuff you love for way less.


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