10 Ways to Save Money at Goodwill

10 Ways to Save Money at Goodwill

If you love to thrift and bargain hunt, chances are you know where the closest Goodwill store is located. Goodwill is a great place to find bargain clothing, toys, and housewares, all while helping an excellent cause. While just walking into Goodwill already sets you on the road to savings, there are more ways to save some cash. Check out these 10 ways to save money at Goodwill and see how you can stretch your thrifting dollar!

1) Join the Goodwill Rewards Program

Most Goodwill stores require you to sign up for the Goodwill Rewards program to save on your purchase. By signing up (it is free!) you get a card that tracks your purchases and earns you discounts on future purchases.

2) See if Your Donation Can Earn You Savings Coupons

Some Goodwill stores offer discount coupons when you make a donation. These don’t tend to be huge, around 10% or so each, but they can still help get those bills lower. Ask about coupons when you donate so you can get any additional savings you have coming.

3) Mark the 50% Off Sales on Your Calendar

It can be easy to forget, so be sure to mark those 50% off sales so you don’t miss them. Set a reminder on your phone if you have to, then get there early so you can shop the best selection. Many Goodwill stores tend to stock shelves the nights before these sales, so it is worth being an early bird.

4) Watch for the Dry Erase Board Near the Door

Upon entering the store, look for a sign or dry erase board that lists any specials of the day. Here you will find any sale specifics so you can keep them in mind when shopping!

5) If You Don’t See Advertised Sales, Just Ask

If you don’t see any sales posted, it never hurts to ask. Often times signs are moved or sales aren’t advertised, so if you don’t ask you won’t know. Be sure to check in with a sales associate to learn about any specials for the day.

6) Pay Attention to Price Tag Colors

Many Goodwill stores discount items based on tag colors. Pay attention to these colors so you can really find some deals. While the color of the day or week is often posted, you may have to ask.

7) Take Advantage of Post Holiday Sales

Many Goodwill stores mark down holiday items the day after the holiday is over. If you need Christmas items, head in the day after Christmas where décor may be up to 75% off. Heading in the day after a holiday is always wise as you may find some great deals.

8) Ask About Additional Status Discounts

Some Goodwill stores offer senior and student discounts with a valid ID. If you are a student or senior, ask your local Goodwill if they offer a discount. It may only be valid on certain days, so it helps to know.

9) Know that Not Everything is a Good Deal

Sometimes you can get better quality items for less at the dollar store. Towels, basic dishes, and silverware cost less at the dollar store than they do at most Goodwill stores. Consider your purchases carefully because you might be able to find some items for less elsewhere.

10) Stay Clear of Close Out Items

Sometimes Goodwill receives close out items in bulk. These items may be towels, dishes, electronics, etc. Even though they are new, chances are they are priced higher than the last clearance price was at the store they came from. Skip these deals and try finding new items in the retail store instead.

Are you ready to score your thrift store finds for less? Consider these 10 ways to save money at Goodwill and see how easy it can be to pocket some savings.


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  1. Great tips!! We have one being built where I live right now. I’ll have to share this post. 🙂

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