10 Tips to Help You Have a Wonderful New Year’s Eve on a Budget

 10 Tips to Help You Have a Wonderful New Year's Eve on a Budget

New Year’s Eve is such a fun night! But whether you’re hosting a party or not, it can be costly. If you’d rather not start the new year having just spent a small fortune, you’ll have to stick to a budget. But how do you have a fun New Year’s Eve without spending a lot? Take a look at these 10 Tips to Help You Have a Wonderful New Year’s Eve on a Budget!

1. Keep Decorations Simple

An easy way to celebrate New Year’s Eve on a budget is to limit how much you decorate. Rather than covering every surface with glittery decorations, try to keep your decorations simple and focus on the parts of your home where people spend the most time.

2. Make DIY New Year’s Eve Decor

If you’re having a hard time finding enough New Year’s decor while sticking to your budget, consider making some DIY decorations. There are tons of great tutorials and free printable wall art available online!

3. Make Your Own Food

If you want to have New Year’s Eve on a budget, then you’ll want to avoid buying huge platters of food from grocery stores or restaurants. Instead, make your own food! It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to make a lot of snacks and finger foods!

4. Keep the Guest List Low

If you’re having a party, don’t invite too many people. The more people you invite, the more you’re likely to have to spend, both in terms of food and party favors. To stay on budget, try to keep from inviting everyone you know and stick to your core group of friends.

5. Bring Your Own Food/Alcohol

To help keep your costs down, request that party guests bring their own food and/or alcohol. Then supplement what they bring with what you’ve cooked and bought. You’ll save money and people will get to enjoy some of their favorite foods and drinks (because they brought them!).

6. Drink Mocktails

If you’re trying to have New Year’s Eve on a budget and are concerned about the cost of alcohol, you may want to have mocktails. This is an especially great money saver if you’re hosting a party. Even a small group can drink a lot before midnight!

7. Send Digital Invites

A great way to save money on your New Year’s Eve party is to send digital invitations! Rather than spending money on paper invites and postage, just use email or Facebook to invite your guests. You’ll save money, and your guests will likely appreciate being able to easily RSVP.

8. Shop the Dollar Stores

Don’t spend a lot of money on your New Year’s party hats and party favors! Instead, shop your local dollar stores. You’ll find a lot of great New Year’s goodies at very low prices!

9. Keep it Casual

If you’re set on having New Year’s Eve on a budget, but are going to or are having a party, then you’ll likely want to keep your party attire relatively casual. That way you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on a fancy outfit.

10. Play Free Games

To keep your family or party guests busy until midnight, consider playing free games! Play drinking games, party games, board games that you have, and group video games!

Do you usually stay under budget with your New Year’s Eve celebrations?


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