10 Things to Stock Up On During the Holidays

10 Things to Stock Up On During the Holidays

This time of year we have sales happening left and right. Sure you are thinking about gifts for the holidays and food for those smorgasbord meals. If that is all you are shopping for you are losing a great chance to stock up during the holidays for the best prices of the year. These ten items are worth stocking up on even if you have to mix your budget up a little.

1) Kids clothes and shoes.

This time of year major retailers want your money and to get your attention they put things your kids need on sale. Stores like Kohl’s and The Children’s Place hold huge sales making everyday items from t-shirts to sneakers brand new for thrift store prices. Look for items you can use later in the year and stock up.

2) Pantry foods.

Canned cooking milks, vegetables, and baking staples are at an all time low for the year during the holiday season. Allocate a bit of your grocery budget to do a big stock up while the prices are so low. If you have the freezer room grab Turkeys and hams on sale. Cook and carve them in advance if you need to take up less space in the freezer.

3) Gift cards.

Gift cards to your favorite restaurants and retailers are often on sale this time of year. Check for great deals like the ones where you “buy a gift card get a gift card”, or percent off deals like Target’s 30% off an iTunes card when you buy one on Black Friday. Put these gift cards up for treats you can enjoy during the year at a discount.

4) Makeup, nail polish, and other beauty supplies.

These gift sets are at a huge discount and you can save them for gifts or just to keep on hand for your family through the year. Grab bath sets for a huge discount of body washes, loofahs, fragrances, and other commonly needed items. The decorative containers they usually come in are great for storage as well.

5) Candles.

Candles always tend to go on sale for the holidays but many are more year round fragrances so now is the time to stock up for your home and for gifts throughout the year. This is also a great time to stock up for your emergency kit.

6) Wrapping supplies.

Solid colors work all year round and you can grab them on clearance right after Christmas. If you have room to store it stock up on next years holiday wrapping paper at the same time. Grab those rolls of tape you can use all year long. The savings really add up and never having to hunt them down is a huge help.

7) Air mattresses.

You can get great deals on air mattresses at this time of year as stores often put them on sale for families having out of town guests. If you like to camp, host sleepovers, or have guests come from far away often grab a couple while they are so cheap to store away.

8) Kitchen supplies.

From solid color dish clothes to mixing bowls, spoons, and pans you can find nearly all of your must have kitchen gear on sale during the holidays. These items go on sale as everyone prepares holiday meals. For staples that you need all year round this is a great time to stock up and store away for the year.

9) Socks and undergarments.

I won’t pretend to understand why but these items go on sale even on Black Friday sales in large packages for the holidays. These large packs are perfect for stocking up for the whole family and you can pick them up everywhere from your favorite department store to Walmart or Target.

10) Board games.

Many stores are selling board games at the best prices of the year during the holiday season. If you do a family game night or need to buy gifts for birthdays and such throughout the year stock up on some family favorite board games for next to nothing during the holidays.


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