10 Gifts Your Mother-in-Law Won’t Insult You for Giving Her

10 Gifts Your Mother-in-Law Won't Insult You for Giving Her

When it comes to your holiday shopping list if your anything like most of the country your Mother-in-Law is the hardest one to shop for. Does your mother in law often insult even your best attempts at gifts? Make you fell like your failing for even trying? Here are a few gift ideas even your Mother-In-Law will love.

1) #1 Mom Gifts

Lets face it she thinks she’s better than you so she would just love a #1 Mom coffee mug. Later when she shows it off you can laugh in your head because you’ll remember where she got it.

2) Beauty Gifts

She loves to be pampered just like any other woman. She can’t turn down a bath bomb set.

3) Photo Gifts

How about a photo display and a stack of the best photos you have of the kids? There’s no way she can complain about that one, at least not in public.

4) Tech Gifts

Is she a bit more high tech or (like most of us) has limited space? Why not get her a digital photo frame?

5) Gifts for the Cook

Does she love to cook? These bamboo kitchen tools would be great for her. Simple, clean, and useful. What’s not to like?

6) Gifts of Comfort

I bet she would love a super soft plushy robe to lounge around the house (hopefully not your house).

7) Tech Gifts for the Cook

This slow-cooker mixes vintage style with Modern tech for the perfect addition to your Mother-in-laws kitchen

8) Candles

Everyone loves mood lighting and a flame-less candle is a great option for a safe alternative to candles as she ages and forgets things more often.

9) Storage Options

vintage style trunk is perfect for storage and decoration.

10) Reading Material

If all else fails a subscription to her favorite magazine  or perhaps a Kindle Unlimited subscription would keep her happy all year long.


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  1. Alyse Borkan says

    Hi Denise!

    Loved your post today! I struggle finding gifts for family members, so this was a huge help.

    I tried contacting you, but it seems as though the email bounced. Would you mind shooting me an email when you get a chance?


  2. Great ideas!! I was just trying to think of something for my Mom, and this really helped! 🙂

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