10 Frugal Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas

  1. Empty a box of chocolates and cut out enough paper hearts from lace doilies, fabric, wrapping paper, construction paper, or fabric to fill each space.  Write a loving note on each heart and place them in the empty chocolate spaces. Be specific and say things like “I love when you run your fingers through your hair”, “You look sexy in your ____________”, “It makes my day when you ______________”.  Tie the box with a red ribbon and present it to your Valentine.
  2. Check with your local area colleges to find one near you with an observatory.  They’re usually free or very inexpensive to visit and are open to the public during the school year.  What could be more romantic than an evening spent gazing at the stars with your significant other?
  3. Attend a wine or beer tasting.  This type of social event is a great way to begin or end an evening and since you typically only pay an attendance fee of around $10-15 you can get more buzz for your buck.
  4. Go out for a dance lesson!  With all the popular dancing shows on television there are dance studios springing up all over – find one near you and inquire whether the first lesson is free because they often are.
  5. Take your special someone out for a pizza at your favorite pizzeria, but call or visit ahead of time and make arrangements to have your toppings placed in the shape of a heart as a surprise.  Other than a healthy tip, this romantic move will cost you nothing extra.
  6. Pretend your home is a fancy spa – light candles, turn the music on low and treat each other to a massage before running a bubble bath.  Send the kids to grandma’s house for this one and extend the treat by sleeping in the next day.
  7. If there’s way too much snow on the ground for a romantic walk, find a hill and go sledding!  Use trash can lids as makeshift sleds if you must, then cuddle up by the fireplace with hot chocolate afterward.
  8. Plan a day trip.  Find a national monument, beach, lake, historic place or other nearby sightseeing location and then pick some great music to listen to on the drive.
  9. Check the websites of your favorite restaurants for specials or coupons, or buy a gift certificate from Restaurant.com to get a steep discount on your meal.
  10. Take a pottery or ceramics class together and make each other gifts.  No matter how they turn out, you’ll likely treasure the final product and fondly remember your “date” each time you see it.


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