$10 BP Reward Card After 5 Fill Ups

BP gas stations are having a ‘Thank You Days’ promotion where you can get a $10 BP Reward Card after you fill up with at least 8 gallons of gas five times.  There is a limit of three $10 BP Reward Cards per person and/or email address per household, and the promotion ends on March 1st.

Here’s how to get your $10 BP Reward Card:

  • Purchase 8 gallons or more of any grade of BP fuel and
    present your receipt to the cashier to get a Loyalty Card.
  • Scratch the card to reveal a unique code.
  • Enter the code on the promotional website at ThankYouDays.com.
  • Once you have filled up 5 times and entered 5 Loyalty Card codes,
    you will be mailed your $10 BP Reward Card in approximately
    4-6 weeks.


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  1. I was a bit dissapointed today (Feb 10th) with the Current Reward Promotion….
    I generally purchase my fuel at a local BP station.
    However today a purchased my gas and asked the clerk for the reward coupon
    for my purchase…I was told that they were out AND would not be getting
    anymore coupons in. My question is why are they out of coupons when the
    promotion is on til March 1st.?
    The Advertising Signage is on the pumps stating til March 1st
    Why is this?
    Please responed.

    Store Location:
    The Barn BP
    1910 E. Second St.
    Defiance, OH 43512

    According to the receipt the store number is: ST# AB123
    The Promo I’m referring to is:
    Fill up (at least 8 Gal.) 5 times redeem the five coupons and get a $10 BP Reward Card

    Thank You

  2. Hello John! I’m so sorry that happened – I would definitely be disappointed also! I just pulled out one of my cards (I need one more to qualify for the reward) and it says on the back “All qualifying purchases must be completed between 12/1/10 and 3/1/11, or when Loyalty Card supplies are exhausted, whichever occurs first.” I agree that the store should take the sign down for the promotion if they’re out of cards as that is misleading, and I would suggest perhaps checking first whether the next BP you try has any cards left before pumping your gas. I’ll be doing that myself now that we’re getting closer to the end date of the promotion and I thank you very much for giving us a heads up!

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