WeighFast Two-Day Detox by WeightNot Review

WeighFast Two-Day Detox by WeightNot Review

While I don’t feel like I have a lot of weight to lose, I would definitely love to be just 2 to 3 pounds lighter so I’d be back at my goal weight of 145 pounds. When I heard about the WeighFast Two-Day Detox by WeightNot I wanted to try it out, not for any potential weight loss, but I was interested in a weekend detox for improved energy. As a single mom with five kids and three jobs I don’t have a lot of extra energy and after a stressful work week I figured I’d be up to the challenge.

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I’m Taking The Hot Pants 2 Week Challenge!

Have you heard of Hotpants?  They’re all the rage in the UK and I think they’re going to be big here too!  They’re basically like a compression style bike short that you wear when working out, or doing housework or whenever you want really.  You don’t have to do anything differently than you normally would, you can even wear the Hotpants under your regular clothes or some people like to wear them to bed.

Check out all the talk on the Hotpants Facebook page where women from around the world are talking about how they’ve lost up to two jean sizes in two weeks!  The pants work by causing you to sweat way more than you would otherwise so you lose weight and inches in a hurry.  I’ve also seen quite a few women who’ve tried them report that they help reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of dimpled skin!

I’ve weighed myself today and taken my measurements and I’m excited to get started on wearing my new Hotpants!  Although I don’t really have two pant sizes to lose, I sure wouldn’t mind getting rid of all the extra Halloween candy I’ve been eating so I can make some room for Thanksgiving goodies 😉  I’ll be reporting back in two weeks to let you know how it goes!

Disclosure – I was provided with a pair of Hotpants by Zaggora and Mom Bloggers Club for the purpose of facilitating this review, however I have received no other compensation and all thoughts and opinions are my own!