Final Numbers for June – Saved $310.40


We are right in the middle of moving across state lines to be closer to my parents so we’ve been eating from the freezer and stockpile quite a bit this month, but I was still surprised to come in so far below my monthly budget of $300! For the month of June I spent $80.11 to buy $390.51 worth of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 79%! According to the spreadsheet I’ve spent $802.58 so far this year for $3,220.48 worth of stuff, or 75% off. That equates to an average of $134 per month for our family of six, or 74¢ a day per person! Of course I’ll need to start stocking up the freezers again once the move is finally over, but it feels good to be keeping expenses down right now while we’re having all these additional moving costs.


How to Get the Best Deal on Carpet Installation

How to Get the Best Deal on Carpet Installation

Although our house wasn’t that old when we bought it, the carpet had already been stained in several places because the previous owners had a bunch of dogs and kids. Since I was expecting quadruplets at the time, and the carpet was in great shape other than the stains, we decided to live with it until the kids got a little older so we wouldn’t have to worry about them ruining new carpet. The quads are seven now and it’s past time to have new carpet installed in the house so I went on a mission to get the best deal.

There are three different components to look at when comparing prices for having carpet installed – the price of the carpet, the price of the padding, and the price of the installation itself.

How to Get the Best Deal on Carpet Installation

Since the major home improvement stores in my area will match or beat their competitor’s prices, I started out by checking carpet prices at other smaller local stores and began keeping track of sales ads in the paper. Lowe’s has a low price guarantee where they either match a competitor’s percent off sale offer, or they’ll beat the competitor’s price on an identical item by 10%. Home Depot also has a price match guarantee where they’ll beat a competitor’s price on identical items by 10%. The guarantees don’t typically cover labor or installation costs so when I narrowed down my carpet selection I ended up choosing Home Depot since they currently have a $37 whole house carpet installation deal going on, as opposed to the $97 deal at Lowe’s.

How to Get the Best Deal on Carpet Installation

The thing that surprised me the most during my research is that the carpet pricing actually varied from store to store in the same chain so that’s definitely something else to keep an eye on. I live on the state line between Alabama and Florida so I had picked out my carpet in Florida but then I went to the Alabama store to actually place my order and I was shocked to see that they had a sale section where in stock carpet was under $1 per square foot. The sample that I had chosen at the other store was $1.65 per square foot and had a 5 year guarantee, imagine my surprise when I found a better carpet with a 10 year guarantee for just 93¢ a square foot. Add that to 49¢ per square foot for the padding and the total of $1.42 per square foot was cheaper than my original selection BEFORE adding padding. I’m thrilled to report that I saved nearly a thousand dollars on three rooms of carpet just by shopping around and also checking at several different stores within the same chain.

UPDATE! Beware of hidden charges!

Home Depot’s installers did a beautiful job of installing my carpet, however they told me that because there was paint on my concrete floors they couldn’t use nails on the tack strips and had to glue them down instead, then they proceeded to bill me an additional $331 for GLUE! I explained that I felt like it was a bait and switch so we renegotiated and I ended up paying an additional $30 since I felt that more than covered the cost of the glue.


How to Use to Give or Gain Goodies

Freecycle Basketball Hoop

The other day I pulled up at my parents house to pick up my kids from camp grandma and they were out front playing basketball using the recycle can as a hoop. They were having a grand old time but I was a little embarrassed that they didn’t have a real basketball goal to play with so I posted a “want” on and within a couple hours I had two people offering me their used basketball hoops for free. I ended up grabbing both of them and have put one up at my house and another at mom and dad’s place.

Freecycle Basketball Hoop

There are over 5,000 local Freecycle groups around the world so you can go to the main website and find one near you. With over 9 million members you’ll see tons of great useful stuff being traded on a daily basis. It is completely free to join and members don’t buy or sell anything, everything is given away for free.

If you’re moving or spring cleaning and have some items that you don’t need anymore but that still have some life left in them, you can list them on your local Freecycle page. Other members that are interested in your stuff will email you and make arrangements to come do a pickup.

They frown on people only using the site to get free stuff so be prepared to list some of your own things from time to time if you’d like to get some free goodies. I’ve seen everything from empty wine bottles to furniture and cars being donated through the system and you never know what you’ll find. I subscribe to their daily emails and like to watch for cool stuff for the kids, plus I enjoy the convenience of having somebody come pick up things that I need to get rid of. Let me know in the comments below about any treasures you’ve found through the Freecycle website!


Final Numbers for March – Saved $494.69


We’ve been eating from the freezer and stockpile quite a bit this month, but I was still surprised to come in so far below my monthly budget of $300! For the month of March I spent $182.43 to buy $677.12 worth of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 73%! According to the spreadsheet I’ve spent $500.50 so far this year for $1,975.52 worth of stuff, or 75% off. That equates to an average of $167 per month for our family of six, or 93¢ a day per person!


6 Tips for Shopping Farmers Markets

6 Tips for Shopping at the Farmer's Market

If you want to support your local economy AND get some fantastic fresh veggies, there is no place like the farmers market. When local farmers come together and offer their wares, you have the best local food selections right at your fingertips. Since this cuts out the middleman, you can often find some fantastic deals. To make your visit to the farmers market more enjoyable, here are a few tips:

1)Be Comfy

Dress for the weather and be prepared to walk. Wear comfortable shoes, and dress in layers if the day starts off cool. You can always remove a layer as the day begins to heat up. An umbrella or a jacket can come in handy if you run into a shower as well.

2) Bring Your Own Bags

Although some farmers will bring a supply of sacks, it helps them out if you bring your own bags. And you would hate to miss out on some yummy goods if you have no place to put them.

3) Know What You Want

The sights and smells of a farmers market can be so enticing that you overbuy. You may want to visit the market once before you actually do any buying to get an idea of what they sell. The next time you visit you can come prepared. Keep in mind, however, that the offerings do change based on the season. Make a list of what you would like, but be flexible based on what’s for sale.

4) Come Early

If you want the best selection, get to the market early. Once a vendor is out of a certain item, that’s all they have until next week, so don’t miss out!

5) Get to Know the Farmers

It really is nice to get to know more about where your food is coming from. There are often friendly folks who are more than happy to tell you about what they have for sale, what’s particularly good and what they may have in the future. In addition, the more you visit a given vendor, the more likely they are to throw a freebie you way once in a while. They are also usually good for some wonderful tips on how to prepare the food they sell.

6) Use Your Finds Quickly

One of the greatest parts of the farmers market is how fresh the food is. Use or preserve what you buy quickly so that it offers you the most nutrients AND you don’t waste anything by having to throw it away.

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End of the Year Numbers & 2013 Goals


Here is my year at a glance for 2012 – I’m very proud of these numbers and excited to share, but honestly I’m looking forward to beating them in 2013! I’d like to thank Angela at The Coupon Project again for putting the spreadsheet together that I’m using. I’d highly recommend that you download Angela’s new updated version of the savings tracker spreadsheet for my favorite price – free!

This year I bought $10,582.20 worth of products for only $2,584.30, or 76% off. Take a look at the ‘coupons’ and ‘discounts’ columns and you’ll see that less than half of the $6,763.02 that I saved was from coupons and the majority was from sales. That shows that you can save 30-50% without clipping a single coupon if you simply buy things when they’re on sale, and buy enough to keep you until the next sale. So how much you want to save and how much time you want to spend are completely up to you, but you CAN do this!

For 2012 I set a budget of $300 per month for our family of seven, plus two cats and a dog. That’s $69/week ($3,600/52 weeks) or $10 per person, which I felt was reasonable and still allowed for some room in the budget to expand the stockpile. I’m thrilled and more than a little surprised that I actually spent an average of $50/week for all of 2012! Even though that’s just a little over $7 per week per person, I’m still going to keep the budget at $3,600 for the new year, $300 per month or around $70 a week. The kids are growing fast and seem to be eating more every day so I hesitate to lower the goal at this point. Considering that I used to spend around $325-350 a WEEK, I’m very excited to know that we can easily live with a grocery budget of just $300 a month!


Invest a Little Time in Your Wardrobe and Save!

Invest a Little Time in Your Wardrobe and SaveShoes and clothing are expensive. Even if you purchased some great pieces secondhand, you still had to spend your hard earned cash. The best way to protect that investment is to put a little thought into caring for these items—that way you won’t have to buy more to replace worn items as often.

Let’s start with your shoes. I’m very willing to pay more for a pair of good quality, comfortable and supportive shoes, but that doesn’t mean I look forward to parting with the cash. For that reason I make it a point to take good care of my shoes, and it really does add to their longevity. Don’t forget to also protect and maintain accessories like belts and purses.

Polishing your leather shoes is one of the best ways to prolong their life. Trust me, this lost art really does help. I also like to spray suede or leather shoes with a waterproofing spray before wearing them for the first time. This is especially helpful in colder climates as it helps cut down on the amount of damage done by road salt.

There’s also a shoe repair shop in town that does very reasonably priced work. Check to see if you have something similar. I have had heels replaced, soles repaired and grommets replaced when necessary. Granted, I have had to spend a few dollars here and there to do so, but it has saved me from having to spend a bundle on a new pair.

Clothing can also benefit from a bit of maintenance. A little TLC will help your favorite pieces enjoy a longer life—and keep more cash in your pocketbook!

One mistake I think many people make is to wash any piece of clothing they have worn, no matter how short the time. Now, I’m not saying stop washing your clothing—obviously there are some items that need to be laundered with each wearing. However, unless they have been obviously soiled, I tend to wear jeans and jackets or sweaters (if I’m wearing another shirt underneath them) more than once before I wash them.

Laundering can be very hard on your clothes—especially the dryer. I am also very careful to never throw my work clothes, since they tend to be pricier, or more delicate items in the dryer—yes it’s quicker, but instead I hang the items on a rack and let them air dry. It keeps them looking nice longer and reduces my carbon footprint a bit as well.

We keep a basket in the laundry room and the family knows to put any items that repair there. I try to take a few minutes each week to mend anything that needs mending. Some weeks I’m lucky and don’t need to, but I make it a point to replace buttons, re-sew loose hems and re-stitch seams as necessary. If I wait, something will inevitably make the situation worse—I’ll lose the missing button, the tiny rip will turn into a huge tear or the kids will catch a heel in a loose hem and destroy the bottom of a pair of pants. An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure!

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Cut Your Budget with Plan Ahead Weekday Dinner Prep

Cut your Budget with Plan Ahead Weekly Meal PrepWe all know how easy it is to get sucked into the drive-through or to pick up that takeout menu and order dinner, but it’s hard on our wallets. With a little planning, we can avoid those traps.

1) Make a Plan

I like to cook on Sundays, and have meals ready to go for Monday through Wednesday. Thursday then becomes “leftover day.” You choose what works best for you and your schedule.

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Girlfriend Get Togethers that Won’t Break the Bank!

Girlfriend Get Togethers that Won’t Break the Bank!

One of the most cost effective ways to get a sanity break is to spend some time with friends. Getting together does NOT have to be expensive. We don’t have to shell out big bucks at an expensive restaurant or a trendy club to have a good time and spend some time with the girls. Here are a few less expensive ideas:

1) An Accessory Swap

We all have those accessories that simply take up space because we never use them. Host an accessory swap, and everyone wins! Pull out the items you’re tired of or bought and never worn, and have your girlfriends do the same. Think costume jewelry, scarves, barrettes, headbands, inexpensive watches, etc. If you aren’t using them, maybe someone else can! This concept also works for clothing if you and your friends wear similar sizes. It’s a win-win—everyone has a good time, gets rid of things they don’t use AND scores some “new to them” items that will have a new life!

2) A Cooking Party

Everyone has to eat, so someone has to cook. Choose an entrée that everyone likes, then get together and make enough for everyone to take home to their families. Have everyone bring some of the ingredients and an appropriate pan or dish to take the meal home in, and share in doing the work. You’ll have a great time AND come away with a meal ready for a busy night!

3) Pajama Party

Remember the slumber parties we all went to as young girls? They were always so much fun, even if there was no “slumbering” actually happening! Try a grown-up version. Invite the ladies to come over in comfy jammies (or change into them at your home if they don’t really feel like driving in their flannel pj’s!) and do the things we did as kids: pop some popcorn and watch movies, maybe try out a few new hairstyles from the current magazines, play “Light as a Feather.” Sounds silly, but sometimes channeling our inner child and being silly is just what we all need!

4) Wine Tasting

If your group of friends enjoys a nice glass of wine, a wine tasting may be just the ticket. Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine, break out the wine glasses and enjoy trying each other’s picks. If you want to get serious about it, check out some books from the local library to help educate everyone on the various types of wines.

5) Picnic in the Park

This is especially nice if you have young children because you can take them along and let them have a blast together too! Pack a cooler with some sandwiches and snacks, grab a blanket to sit on and your favorite pals, and you have the makings of a wonderful afternoon! Bring a camera—you can always get some great candid shots of the kids playing in the park!

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Frugal Gift Giving Ideas

Frugal Gift Giving Ideas

The holiday gift giving season is getting underway, and for those of us pinching our pennies, this can definitely add stress to our budgets. Let’s use this as an excuse to get creative with our gift giving. Not only can we save some cash, but we can also give memorable gifts!

1) Give the Gift of Time

Sometimes the very best gift is the gift of yourself. Think about the people on your list. What do they like to do? Plan a day to do that WITH them. Do you have a family member who enjoys hiking? Plan a unique day of hiking and enjoy the outdoors together. Do you enjoy cooking? Offer to teach younger family members how to cook. They get new skills and the gift of your time. How about a movie buff? Borrow some DVDs, pop some popcorn and plan a night in.

2) Give your Services

We all have talents, and this is a great way to use them. Whether it’s sewing, babysitting, gardening, or housecleaning, give a “service gift certificate” for your loved ones to enjoy.

3) Preserve Some Memories

It seems we are constantly snapping pictures these days now that cell phones with cameras makes that easy. But what do we DO with all of those photographs? Make a collage of special photos from throughout the year or frame an especially meaningful one and present it with a handwritten note about what those memories have meant to you.

4) Journal It

This is an especially good gift for a parent or child. Find a pretty journal—or create one yourself—and fill it with all the wonderful memories you have of that person. Let that person know how special they have been to you throughout their lives. Let a parent know how they have helped shape who you are and made the holidays memorable for you. Tell your child how happy you were when they came into this world and highlight how you felt during big moments in their lives.

5) Gift Cards

No, a gift card isn’t always as meaningful as some of the previous ideas, but sometimes we get these cards as bonuses with purchases, as rebates or rewards. Save those—watch for expiration dates of course—and use them as easy gifts.

6) Free Samples

Peruse online freebie sites throughout the year, “like” various things on Facebook and redeem coupons for freebies that you get in the mail or in your email. Often you can create a really nice gift from these by putting them into a pretty basket or cute container. This is especially true of health and beauty items—these seem to be plentiful, you can easily make a fun “relaxation” basket from these, and who wouldn’t enjoy getting that as a gift?

The best part is, you give yourself a gift too—the gift of a mailbox NOT filled with holiday bills in January!

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