Get Ready for the Holidays with Free #KmartLayaway

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Kmart Layaway

Wow – the countdown is already on for the holiday season! Although many of us don’t start shopping, decorating and celebrating until after Thanksgiving, there are a few holiday ‘musts’ that you need to start sooner rather than later (we’re talking right around Halloween). First, putting your big (or small) items on Layaway. Since most Layaway contracts are eight weeks long, this is the ideal time to shop now and pay over time. You don’t want your wallet to go into shock on November 29th, do you? Didn’t think so. Still need convincing? Here are a few ‘Layaway Lessons’ to keep in mind:

1.) The cat ate your Christmas tree. OK, so even if you don’t have a cat but last year’s Christmas tree was on its last limb and this is the year you need a new one. On the other hand, maybe you just got a cat and the days of having a real tree are over. Either way, you need some new decorations. Pick up a pre-lit tree (because that’s the way to go), LED lights, wreaths and village houses now and pay them off in plenty of time for decking those halls!

2.) Your gift list has grown. Maybe you’ve found a new group of friends, entered into a new family or you’re just feeling extra generous this year. Long gift lists call for Layaway. Fill your cart to the brim and roll it over to the Layaway counter. Your pals won’t know you paid their gifts off over time.

3.) Money is tight this year. It’s not just you; many of us are watching our spending. If you’re having trouble staying afloat while keeping those bills paid, Layaway is a must. Not only will you avoid ‘wallet shock,’ you’ll keep your pre-holiday peace of mind.

Whether you need one or 100 items , you can Layaway almost everything on your list without paying a service fee through 11/23. Plus, you can pay in store, online or using a mobile phone. Eight or 12 weeks later (depending on your contract) pick up your items and you’re good to go! Bonus: After you figure out how easy it is, you can Layaway all year round at Kmart.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes and Never Pay Full Price!


There is never a reason to shop online without taking full advantage of any offered coupons, codes, or promotions that might be found during an online search; consumers can quickly type in a query for any coupon codes available for their chosen merchants, and may be surprised by the results. It is not unusual to find some significant discounts that may only be available via these online results, that are easy to redeem when given a code or phrase to type in during check out.

Some consumers may make the mistake of thinking that the reduced cost of goods from their favorite online sellers is the rock-bottom price that they will receive. This in fact, is not always true. Even discounted or liquidated pricing from some of the most reputable and recognized sites offer coupons and promo codes intermittently that will slash additional money off of purchases, from free shipping to percentage savings off total order. Consumers that regularly use the internet for buying the goods and gifts needed may find that the money saved is fairly significant, and that this economical effort will accumulate to major savings at the end of the year. There are some specialty sites that take the work out of seeking out these savings, by compiling and providing them to online browsers. What could be easier than that?

These deals don’t end there, however; big name chain retail venues utilize these sites as well. Such mega-retailers as Home Depot and Macy’s also offer savings to their online consumer base for those that choose to order their merchandise from the sites that these vendors provide. With additional savings or deferred shipping found through an online coupon code search, shoppers can save even more on rock-bottom pricing for the goods that they use most often. This could completely revolutionize the way that people shop for everyday essentials such as apparel, housewares, and even toys! In an economy that can force many consumers to struggle to make ends meet at the end of the work-week, saving a few dollars on necessities, might give them a bit more in their bank account for some extras that they really want. Among the coveted rewards might include long overdue vacations, and even travel is something that can be shopped for online with additional discounts found with online coupon codes. It only makes sense that all shopping begins with an internet search for any and all applicable discounts before handing over hard earned money.

6 Tips for Shopping Farmers Markets

6 Tips for Shopping at the Farmer's Market

If you want to support your local economy AND get some fantastic fresh veggies, there is no place like the farmers market. When local farmers come together and offer their wares, you have the best local food selections right at your fingertips. Since this cuts out the middleman, you can often find some fantastic deals. To make your visit to the farmers market more enjoyable, here are a few tips:

1)Be Comfy

Dress for the weather and be prepared to walk. Wear comfortable shoes, and dress in layers if the day starts off cool. You can always remove a layer as the day begins to heat up. An umbrella or a jacket can come in handy if you run into a shower as well.

2) Bring Your Own Bags

Although some farmers will bring a supply of sacks, it helps them out if you bring your own bags. And you would hate to miss out on some yummy goods if you have no place to put them.

3) Know What You Want

The sights and smells of a farmers market can be so enticing that you overbuy. You may want to visit the market once before you actually do any buying to get an idea of what they sell. The next time you visit you can come prepared. Keep in mind, however, that the offerings do change based on the season. Make a list of what you would like, but be flexible based on what’s for sale.

4) Come Early

If you want the best selection, get to the market early. Once a vendor is out of a certain item, that’s all they have until next week, so don’t miss out!

5) Get to Know the Farmers

It really is nice to get to know more about where your food is coming from. There are often friendly folks who are more than happy to tell you about what they have for sale, what’s particularly good and what they may have in the future. In addition, the more you visit a given vendor, the more likely they are to throw a freebie you way once in a while. They are also usually good for some wonderful tips on how to prepare the food they sell.

6) Use Your Finds Quickly

One of the greatest parts of the farmers market is how fresh the food is. Use or preserve what you buy quickly so that it offers you the most nutrients AND you don’t waste anything by having to throw it away.

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