Pizza and Ice Cream Party with the Family!

My younger brother and his family live in Korea where he works on a US military base and they get to come back to the states to visit once a year.  Usually they get to stay for two to three weeks but this year they can only stay for 10 days so we’re going to have to cram a lot of stuff into a short period of time.

My kids absolutely love getting to visit with their cousins so we’ll plan a few fun things for them plus some family get togethers like yesterday’s Father’s Day celebration and a backyard barbecue we have planned next weekend for my dad’s birthday.

Since we’re running so hard this week I’m thrilled to have simple solutions at hand like Tombstone frozen pizzas and Nestle Drumsticks!  We had a houseful of kids and adults at my parents’ place yesterday and everybody was happy with the assortment of pizzas and ice cream cones that were served.

A few days before they arrived I shopped at Walmart for the Nestle ice cream treats and the Tombstone pizzas and we made some salads and other side dishes that turned our quick meal into a feast.  There is a wide variety of choices in the Tombstone pizza line from plain cheese to 4-meat double top so there’s always something to please everyone.  Same with the Nestle Drumsticks, a bunch of different flavor choices and you can even choose smaller portion sizes that are great for kids or dieters looking for a sweet treat without the calories.

Keep track of all the fun at the Nestle Drumstick Facebook page, including their current Raise a Cone to Summer sweepstakes, and on the Tombstone pizza Facebook page.  Don’t forget, you can enter to win a year’s worth of Tombstone pizzas in their #GrabSummerFun Pinterest party!

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