Menu Plan Monday ~ February 13th

According to an email that I got from Sprout Robot, it’s time to start planting tomato seeds this week in my area so I’m on a mission today to go buy some.  Although you can upgrade your account for a fee, I use the free service and really dig it.  You just put in your zip code so the Sprout Robot can figure out what grows in your area, then you check boxes of things you want to plant and they email you when it’s time with directions.  I’m using the last of our frozen green beans from last year’s garden for this One Skillet Chicken Dinner and I’m excited about getting a tiny little start on a new garden this week.

MondayLemon Chicken

Tuesday – Beef Tacos

WednesdayEasy One Skillet Chicken Dinner

Thursday – Crescent Wrapped Hot Dogs

FridayDate night – dinner out!

Saturday – Grilled Tilapia

Sunday – Sandwiches

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Menu Plan Monday ~ February 6th

I have planned a super easy menu this week because we’re slammed with car repair appointments, doctor appointments and hair appointments and I figure that’s enough stress for one week.  The Blissdom conference is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ll be out of town for four days so I’m thrilled to have just finished planning the menu for the whole month with another easy week for hubby while I’m gone.

Monday – Hamburger Steaks & Salad

Tuesday – Yoshida Chicken

Wednesday – Beef Fajitas

Thursday – Tombstone Pizzas

Friday – Date night – dinner out

Saturday – French Toast & Turkey Sausage (breakfast for supper)

SundayChicken Nuggets

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Menu Plan Monday ~ January 30th

I’ve been participating in the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge all month long and I’m absolutely thrilled with having an accurate inventory of everything in the freezer, and being able to plan out our menu a month in advance!  It feels SO nice to have the chore of planning what to eat every day already done so I’m really looking forward to continuing to keep a running inventory and a monthly menu plan. I’m always amazed at how much more we can save on our budget simply by spending a little time once a week planning our menu based on what we have on hand.  Now I’m super excited about the prospect of doing the planning once a month!  Here’s hoping that I’m able to stick to my new goal 😉

Monday – Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry

Tuesday – Beef Tacos

Wednesday – Lemon Pepper Chicken

Thursday – Pancakes and bacon (breakfast for supper)

FridayDate night – dinner out

SaturdayBacon Wrapped Garlic Chicken

Sunday – Soup and Sandwiches

My meal plan is listed at!


Menu Plan Monday ~ January 23rd

I’m still giddy over having such a good inventory of everything in the freezer and having planned the menu for the month in advance.  I’ve never been this organized and it feels great!  Of course it goes along with my new year’s resolutions and my participation in the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge all month long.  It’s actually going so well that I’m planning to continue the challenge into next month!  Here’s hoping I can stick to it 😉

Monday – Garlic & Herb Chicken

Tuesday – Turkey and Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday – Sesame Ginger Chicken

Thursday – Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza and Easy Garlic Bread (going to try the new Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust)

FridayDate night – dinner out

SaturdayTangy BBQ Chicken Wings

SundayChicken Nuggets

My meal plan is listed at!


Menu Plan Monday ~ January 16th

It feels so good having the menu planned in advance for the whole month!  I’m participating in the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge this month so we’re using up things we have on hand in our stockpile, freezer and pantry and that feels pretty awesome too.

Monday – Teriyaki Chicken

TuesdayEasy Baked Ravioli

WednesdayLemon Chicken

Thursday – Hamburgers

Friday – Date night – dinner out

Saturday – Pancakes & Turkey Sausage (breakfast for supper)

Sunday – Soup & Sandwiches

My meal plan is listed at!


Menu Plan Monday ~ January 9th

This weekend I got an inventory of everything in the freezer because I’m participating in the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge this month and we’re planning all of our meals around things we already have on hand.  The great thing about having such a current inventory is that I was able to plan our meals for a whole month!  It feels great to have a plan so far in advance 🙂

MondayChicken Fajitas

TuesdayCrock Pot Shredded Chicken Breast (I’ll be making a big batch for the freezer!)

Wednesday – Salisbury Steak

Thursday – Crescent Hot Dogs

Friday – Date night – dinner out

SaturdayBacon Wrapped Garlic Chicken

SundayChicken Nuggets

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$5 Dinner Mom’s Holiday Guide Just $1.99!

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The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan & Twitter Party

Get Weekly Meal Plans sent to your email

When I started couponing I was amazed at how much money I could save on our grocery budget and I really thought I had it going on and had lowered expenses as much as possible.  Then I was introduced to meal planning and was shocked at how much more it saves us each month because there is so much less waste since we’re planning our meals around things we already have on hand and not buying ingredients we don’t need.  Honestly though, the best result that has come from planning our meals for the week in advance is the greatly reduced stress level.  We no longer have to start worrying about what’s for supper right before picking up the kids from school, and stress over what might thaw out in time.

Well now there’s help for those of us who would really like to benefit from a weekly meal plan but don’t really know where to start, or don’t have the time to set one up.  Or maybe you’re like me and just need some help adding variety to the menu!  Toni Spilsbury, author of The Organized Cook, can provide you with weekly meal plans that will help save you valuable time and money while providing your family with healthy meals and reducing your stress level.

Now you also have a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card to spend on groceries (or however you’d like), one of three copies of The Organized Cook Cookbook, or one of three year long subscriptions to the Weekly Meal Plan System from The Organized Cook – all you have to do is attend the Spooktacular Fall Favorites Twitter Party on October 20, 2011 at 10-11 PM EST, 9-10 PM CST, 8-9 PM MST, 7-8 PM PST.  Head on over to RSVP for the Twitter party and join hosts @OrganizedCook, @tonispilsbury, @chaotic_barb, & @Noelski33 and panelists @lovelalagirl, @sdenise (that’s me!), and @monkeytoesshoes for some fun, easy and creative ways to prepare fabulous fall meals!  I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Disclosure – I am a compensated as a panelist for the Twitter party, however all thoughts and comments are completely my own.


Menu Plan Monday ~ October 10th

Happy Columbus Day to everyone here in the states!  We’re celebrating by taking all five kids to the dentist for their bi-annual visit – ugh!  I’d actually rather get drilled myself than to drag them all in, but gotta keep those pearly whites in order 🙂  

Monday – Lemon Chicken & Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday – Easy Baked Ravioli

Wednesday – Zaxby’s Repeat Day

Thursday – Beef Fajitas

Friday – Date night – dinner out

Saturday – Orange Chicken

Sunday – McDonalds

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Menu Plan Monday ~ October 3rd

We’ve been watching the crews out harvesting the sweet potatoes by hand on our way to school to drop off the kids in the morning and they’re such a great price right now that they’ve made it onto the menu twice this week!  It amazes me that they have to be so careful not to bruise the flesh that they can’t use equipment to harvest the sweet potatoes, and the fields have just been filled with so many people every morning that they’re bringing them in on old school buses.  I love being able to support local farmers whenever possible so I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on the menu a lot this season 😉

Monday – Mini Pizzas

Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas

WednesdayCrock Pot Honey Ham & Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday – Bacon Wrapped Garlic Chicken & Green Beans

Friday – Date Night – Dinner Out

Saturday – Flat Iron Steaks, Green Salad & Baked Sweet Potatoes

Sunday – McDonalds

My meal plan is listed at!