Freshwater Pearl 3 Row Bangle Bracelet $17 Shipped!

I like this Stretchy Freshwater Pearl 3 Row Bracelet Bangle 9MM so much that I just had to tell you guys about it since they have a list price of $75, but they're on sale right now for $16.99 each with free shipping!  They're available in white, black, chocolate and peacock.  I have a “floating” freshwater pearl necklace that would match the peacock color one (bottom right) perfectly so I'll likely spend the day talking myself into buying it while it's such a fabulous price 😉


7 Pair of Precious Stone Earrings $28 Shipped!

About a month ago my two five year old daughters came to me and asked to have their ears pierced.  Well hubby and I had decided long ago that as long as they were willing and able to help take care of their ears themselves, we'd agree to getting them pierced whenever they started asking.  So we get to the place to have them done and one of my girls backed out at the last minute and we had to wait for two employees to get free because they figured we'd be leaving with one ear pierced on the other daughter unless they did them both at the same time.  She sat there so tall and proud during the whole thing and barely winced at the piercing, then we were all shocked when other people in the store burst into applause at her bravery.  It was so terribly sweet, and now I'm dying to get her this Set of 7-Pairs of Precious Stone and Sterling Silver Earrings that's on deal of the day for just $27.99 with free shipping, but I'm fully aware of the fit we'll have to endure from my other daughter if she doesn't get anything.  I guess I should just buy two sets (I can't picture them sharing either!) and tell her I'll hold onto them until she's ready to get her ears pierced.  What do you guys think?  The set includes genuine Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and Topaz and they're a darn good deal at just $4 a pair!

Stay tuned for video of the ear piercing . . . I'll try and get it uploaded this evening 😉


Peacock Feather Earrings & Bangle Set $16

Well feathers are all the rage this year and I’m really digging this Zad Peacock 3-Feather Earrings & Bangle Bracelet Set!  The earrings alone retail for $33.99, but you can get them with these five bangle bracelets for just $15.99 with free shipping.  The bangles include four antique gold tone ones and one enamel with a peacock design.


3.5 CT Amethyst Ring & Earrings $30 Shipped!

This gorgeous 3.50 CT Natural Amethyst Ring & Earring Set In Sterling Silver retails for $99 but is on deal of the day for just $29.99 with free shipping.  Comes in a gift box with a satisfaction guarantee and would make a great Mother’s Day gift!


1/2ct Ruby Stud Earrings $20 Shipped!

These gorgeous 1/2 CT Ruby Stud Earrings hand set in Sterling Silver are only $19.99 with free shipping from Super Jeweler when you use promo code SAVE40!  They are regularly priced at $99.99, on sale for $59.99 and the SAVE40 code will take $40 off!


Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant and Earrings $90 Shipped!

Grab this Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant and Earrings Set in Sterling Silver that retails for $319.98, for only $89.99 with free shipping through March 21st!


1 CT Amethyst Stud Earrings $9 Shipped!

My daughters are hilarious about their favorite colors – I have a purple girl and a pink girl and they DO NOT share clothes, shoes or anything else.  This means that most everything we buy is color coded, so these 1.00 Ct Purple Amethyst Sterling Silver Stud Earrings would make ONE of my girls very happy 🙂  They’re a hot deal right now for just $8.99 plus free shipping so I’m thinking I should grab a pair and hide them until I find something similar for my pink gal!


Mother of Pearl Love Heart Pendant $25

This sweet 18k Gold Plated Mother of Pearl Love Heart Pendant  that retails for $134.79 is on deal of the day for just $24.99 with free shipping.  It comes in a gift box with an 18″ 18k gold plated .925 sterling silver chain with spring ring clasp and I think it would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift (of course that’s not until May 8th I’m just planning ahead)!


1.5ct London Blue Topaz Ring $29 Shipped

This beautiful 1.5ct London Blue Topaz .925 Silver Ring can be yours for just $28.99 including free shipping.  The ring is white gold over solid .925 Sterling Silver with genuine 1.5 ct London blue topaz and sparkling 0.52ct CZ and is available in your choice of size 6, 7, 8, 8.5, or 9.


Turtle Shaped Freshwater Pearl Earrings $5 Shipped!

You can grab these adorable turtle shaped freshwater pearl and sterling silver earrings for only $4.99 plus FREE shipping when you use promo code SUPER25.  These earrings are regularly priced at $49.99 and are on sale for $29.99, but you’ll get a whopping 90% off when you use the promo code to get them for $4.99!