Custom iPhone iPod & iPad Skins from $9

Get a custom skin for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, cellphone, tablet, reader or game console made from genuine 3M stickers!  The current hot sale prices start at $8.99 plus free shipping for all smartphones and iPod skins, and just $13.99 plus free shipping for game consoles and tablet computers.  Use promo code SKNS899 through August 23rd to grab this deal.


Reserve Battery 4 iPhone Ipad or iPod $16 Shipped!

Here’s a hot deal on a Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Battery for the iPhone, iPad  or iPod!  It retails for $49.99 but you can grab it right now for just $15.49 with FREE shipping!  The Mophie fits on a keychain and carries enough juice to recharge any Apple product twice as fast as other chargers – plus it doubles as a flashlight.


Apple iPhone iPod Stereo Headphones $4.95 Shipped!

Could you use a new set, or a spare set of Apple iPhone or iPod Stereo Headphones With Remote and Mic?  Perhaps your children used your old set of headphones as a rope in a “construction project” like mine did and you REALLY need a new set!  You can replace them directly from Apple for $30 plus shipping, or you can grab the same original Apple set on deal of the day at eBay for just $4.95 with free shipping – better hurry!


3 Reasons I Love My Cube Dog

Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes.

When I first got my iPhone my husband downloaded an aquarium app that was really cool and presented me with a baby fish that I needed to take care of and keep fed.  Well I have enough mouths to feed at home, and a billion other things to do during the day and so my poor fish inevitably died.  Then my next fish died, and after the third fish died leaving me feeling all inadequate, I just couldn't take it anymore and I've avoided similar apps like the plague.

Now I've broken my own rule and ventured out again into the world of imaginary pets, and I'm happy to tell you that I love my new Cube Dog!  Here's “Sparkle” playing in the front yard!

Cube Dog is a free app that is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch 4 with camera.  You can use it to create your own unique cube dog by selecting different parts (cubes and all sorts of shapes) and many different colors.  Your Cube Dog with have full 3D graphics and high-quality 3D animations that can zoom and rotate.  There are tons of different choices for everything including ears, eyes, nose, tongue, belly and much more so your Cube Dog will be uniquely your own.  If you'd like, there is even a store where you can purchase upgrades for your Cube Dog like additional parts (love the belly button!) and new animations.  Wouldn't Sparkle look great in huge pink disco glasses?

Check out this video to see what the Cube Dog can do!


So here are the 3 reasons that I LOVE my new Cube Dog:

1)  I don't have to feed it!

As previously established, if I had to feed my Cube Dog then she probably wouldn't survive, I have enough trouble keeping myself fed on a daily basis.  On the other hand, Sparkle is always available when I have a few minutes (or seconds) and can use some fun and entertainment!  Since I can't kill my Cube Dog, the pressure is off and I can just enjoy our time together without feeling like I'm adding another chore to my list.

2)  She Loves Me!

Whenever I do get a minute to play with Sparkle she's always ready and waiting for me with a smile on her face and all I have to do is scratch her head or her belly and she does flips for me.  My favorite part is when her eyeballs turn into big red hearts and you can tell that I'm more than just her master – she loves me!

3)  Cube Dog is My Favorite Price!

You all know that my favorite price is free, but really value is more important than price.  Some things are free because they're worthless, and some free things can be very valuable.  I've really enjoyed playing with my Cube Dog and I plan to continue for as long as I can keep Sparkle away from the kids.  Once they find out there is a new dog in the house I'm sure I won't get any time with her anymore, but as least I don't have to rely on them to feed her either!

Disclosure:  While Cube Dog provided me with the app to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Cube Dog, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.


Custom iPhone & iPad Skins from $9.99 Shipped!

Here’s another hot deal from ArtsCow where you can get a personalized custom iPhone skin for only $9.99 and an iPad skin for just $14.99 with free international shipping!  Use any image of your choice or you can check out their handy templates if you’d like a little design help or inspiration.  Promo code  APPSKINSwill get you this special price through May 3rd!


Hot Deal: iPod & iPhone Dock w/Radio Low as $39

I’ve been checking out iPhone docks that have an alarm clock and a radio built in for awhile, taking my time to figure out exactly which one I want for myself because there are SO many to choose from and the prices vary dramatically.  Plus, I knew that I’d get better deals as we got closer to  Christmas 😉  Well today through Thursday December 9th you can get some great deals on iPod and iPhone docks for as low as $39 at Beyond The Rack, including this cute purple one that I want for only $49.  Beyond The Rack is a fabulous discount shopping site where you can get deals of up to 70% off on everything from clothes and accessories to housewares and electronics – it’s by invitation only so here is yours if you’d like to check them out.

For more gift ideas and inspiration check out the Shopper Strategy Holiday Wish List!


Free iPhone App Saves You Money on Fabric!

For years I’ve carried around a printout of a fabric conversion chart in my purse so that anytime I find a piece of fabric I can’t live without, I’d be able to figure out how much I needed to buy no matter how wide it is.  Say you need two yards of 36″ wide fabric to finish a quilt, but you find the perfect piece in 54″ wide – how much do you need?  Anytime I tried to guess I’d end up with way too much fabric and spend a lot more than needed.  Now I’m super excited that I can trash the ratty piece of paper I’ve been carrying around and replace it with this simple and FREE fabric converter app for my iPhone!  The converter app gives me a simple way to calculate how much fabric I need based on ANY starting length and width – other similar apps are limited to five or even three yard lengths, AND you actually have to PAY for them.  Download your free iPhone app from the iTunes store, or check out the Fabric Converter website for more information.


Stylish Cell Phone, iPhone, iPod Stand Only $.89 Shipped!

My cell phone is always within arm’s reach – in my purse if I’m on the run, on my desk while I’m working or in my pocket while cooking or doing chores around the house.  I carry it in a holster which works great for the pocket or purse, but I hate when it just lies there limply on my desk and I have to tilt it to see the screen.  I’m very happy to pop for the 89 cents to get this adorable hunk of plastic to do the job for me.  This cell phone stand normally sells for $4.99 but is on deal of the week for only $0.89 – plus if you use promo code 1K1NJO you’ll also get free shipping.


Shop Smart While Traveling With FREE SmartPhone Apps

Lots of people are planning stay-cations or trips that are pretty close to home this summer to keep costs down, well here’s a fun and easy way to find deals, bargains and hot spots like restaurants and movie theaters while you’re on the road.  Where? is a free SmartPhone application (available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, Pre and most other networks) that will help you find the cheapest gas, the closest cup of coffee, or reviews and times for movies playing nearby.  Even if you’re not traveling this summer, you can use Where to find new restaurants to try or local concert times. 

The best part about Where, in my opinion, is that it has partnered with Yowza!! to bring mobile coupons direct to your SmartPhone.  Once you download the Where application for your phone, simply launch it and choose “offers”.  Coupons good for savings near you will instantly appear, no matter where you are!  Yowza!! is even providing coupons for brands like Crate & Barrel, Aveda Salons, the Container Store, Kiehl’s, Klingman’s Furniture, American Gold Corp. and other higher end stores that don’t traditionally offer coupon discounts.  A recent study by showed that consumers with higher incomes are among those most likely to use coupons, and in response a growing number of retailers are hoping to use mobile coupons to bring in customers.  Now you can pocket even more savings and easily keep up with local deals right on your cell phone!