Reminder: Nielsen HomeScan Taking Applications

The Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel is accepting applications again so hurry over to sign up if you’re interested, they usually close the applications pretty fast.  I applied quite awhile ago and was put on a waiting list until a scanner was available.  I got my scanner in March and have been scanning away since then and so far I’m enjoying it.  It was a little complicated right off the bat since I use so many coupons, but I’ve gotten pretty quick at it doing the scanning.  I actually think its kinda neat being a “Nielsen household” – you don’t get a ton of points for scanning each week, but they also have lots of surveys that earn you points (my fave was a recent one asking for my pick on American Idol) and some really great prizes and rewards.


Got My Nielsen Homescan Scanner!


I applied to be a member of the Nielsen Homescan panel awhile back and they actually told me pretty quickly that I was accepted, but then I got an email saying they were out of scanners and that they’d send me one when they got some more in.  Well it finally came in and I’m going to try to figure out how to use it once I get a couple of posts done.  I just got back in from Publix so I have a shopping trip ready to scan!  I’ll let you know how long it takes to do the scanning once I’ve got the hang of it.  In the meanwhile, I’ve been glancing through the catalog of things you can “buy” with the points you earn.  It is 26 pages full of great products but I figure it’s pointless to choose anything I’d like since I have a feeling that my husband is going to think he has some input once he sees all the electronics in there 🙂