5 Practical Gift Suggestions for Frugal People

Gift shopping for other people can be a difficult task. It can be especially difficult if you are shopping for someone who is very careful with how money is spent. Is extravagance the key to a frugal person’s heart? Not usually.  Here are some great gift suggestions you may want to consider:

1) A Coffee and Espresso Maker

A DIY machine such as a Coffee and Espresso Maker is a gift any frugal person would love. He or she would be able to enjoy a delicious, luxurious cup of coffee without having to buy an overpriced latte at the coffee shop.

2) Subscriptions and Gift Cards

If you know the recipient well enough, think about getting him or her a subscription or gift card to a service often used or a store often frequented. Consider getting your mom a gift card to the grocery store, or giving your roommate a Netflix subscription.  You can even get your gift cards at a discount if you buy them from Plastic Jungle or Cardpool.

3) Reusable Shopping Bags

A reusable shopping bag is perfect for someone who lives both a frugal and green life. There are so many benefits to passing on plastic! With a reusable shopping bag, one will be able to save money and the environment at the same time.

4) A Home Energy Monitor

A home energy monitor may not seem like an obvious gift choice—but it is one that a frugal person would very much appreciate. A handheld energy monitor can be attached to almost any appliance, measuring just how much energy it consumes. It’s a great tool for identifying which appliances need replacing or repairing.

5) A Gift Basket

Although food baskets are always a well-received gift, you may want to take it a step further by giving something even more practical. Laundry, gardening, cleaning, sewing or kitchen gift baskets are some other great options.

When gift shopping for someone frugal, a great tip is to search for gifts that will help the recipient save money over the next few weeks, months or even years. Put some thought into your gift and the recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness for years to come.

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Gifts

At one point or another, you have probably received something you do not want nor need for Christmas, your birthday, or some other occasion. What comes next after feigning enthusiasm and gratitude?  Here are some great ways to get rid of unwanted gifts so they can belong to people who will truly benefit from such items:

1) Donate it.

If you have received clothing, food or personal care items, you may want to consider donating the gift to a homeless shelter or a charity organization. You may not find any use for a baggy sweater—but someone else sure will.

2) Re-gift it.

If you receive a gift you aren’t too fond of or you know you won’t use, store it in a box or container along with other gifts you can save and give to someone else on another occasion.

Remember: Don’t give a particular gift to someone who knows the original gift giver. Also, be sure to take off any name tags or other forms of personalization since the recipient doesn’t need to know the truth!

3) Sell it.

If you aren’t going to use a gift that you’ve been given, then why not make some money off of the item so you can get something that you can use instead? Try selling the unwanted gift on Craigslist or eBay, or even at a yard sale.

If you have received a gift card from a store you don’t shop in, why not try out a site like as PlasticJungle or Cardpool? These sites allow you to buy, sell and exchange gift cards for as much as 90% of their retail value!

4) Freecycle.

They say that another person’s trash is another person’s treasure. On Freecycle.org, that really is the case. You simply need to advertise the item you don’t need or use, and someone who does want it will arrange to pick it up at your house. No money is exchanged. You can give away a brand new set of plates, a beat up couch, or even blank CD cases.

If you’re considering using any of the above mentioned tips, exercise some caution. If the gift giver is someone you see frequently, you may want to keep the gift around for a while in case he or she asks about it or looks for it in your home!

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We save a bunch of money on haircuts because I cut all of my boys’ hair and even my husbands on occasion when he’s ready to go shorter, so I wanted to share this hot deal on an Andis Getta Haircut 16-Piece Home Haircutting Kit with 10 Attachment Combs.  This home haircut kit retails for $50 but you can grab it right now for just $14.99 with free shipping.  At that rate it would only take two haircuts to pay for itself!

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Father’s Day is coming up on June 17th plus my dad’s birthday is this month and I think this Neiman Marcus Croc-Embossed Leather Flask is a wonderful gift idea!  The flask regularly retails for $65 but you can grab it right now for only $18.75 with free shipping.  What a terrific way to look fabulous and be frugal at the same time!

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Digital Photography School Just $29!

Last year I got a nice DSLR camera and now more than a year later I only really know how to use the basic functions.  The camera can do SO much more and I’d love to learn but have so much on my plate that it hasn’t really seemed possible.  Well I’m super excited about this 85% off a Digital Photography Course from Saveology!  For just $29 you get a lifetime membership to the Ambiance Digital Photography School, a $189 value!  Hurry over, this offer ends on Friday, June 8th.

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• Shutter speed
• Focal length, zoom range, and crop-factor
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• How to shoot a dragonfly
• Black and white photography
• Street photography
• Taking great outdoor portraits
• Taking group shots
• How to take a great self portrait
• Capturing engaging travel portraits
• How to set up your own photo blog
• Color vs. black and white
• How to set up your own photography business

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5 Practical Tips for Buying Gifts for Your Guy

Have you ever spent a large amount of money on a present that your husband never even used? Are you completely and utterly clueless every time you need to buy him a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift? My husband is super hard to shop for and with Father’s Day coming up I thought I’d share some practical tips to remember when buying gifts for your guy:

1)  Plan ahead.

Many people go over budget because of last minute gift shopping. Teach yourself to start planning ahead, and think of gift ideas for your husband or significant other at least a month before the occasion. You might just spot a special promotion or deal if you do your research ahead of time!

2)  Ask him for his wish list.

The best way to ensure that you’re getting your guy a gift that he’ll actually like and use is by being straightforward and asking him what he wants. If you want your gift to be a surprise, then ask him for his wish list a few months beforehand.

3)  Be practical.

You may want to get your man something romantic or over-the-top for his birthday—but you’d be surprised at the number of guys who would appreciate receiving something practical. Upgrade his old shaving kit to a newer, nicer one. He’ll likely be very happy to receive something he can use on a daily basis.

4)  Consider giving him a gift card.

When in doubt, a gift card is always a great choice of gift. Why not get your husband a gift card to his favorite coffee shop, restaurant or sporting goods store? Does he love TV shows and movies? Who wouldn’t love a gift card to Fandango?

5)  Prepare him something homemade.

If you feel that your guy already has everything he needs and wants, then consider giving him something homemade and from the heart. Put together a basket full of his favorite snacks, as well as some funny and useful trinkets from your local dollar store.

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3 Pk Bamboo Cutting Boards Reg $50 Now $15

This is a hot deal on a 3 Pack of Bamboo Classic Cutting Boards – the set regularly retails for $49.99 but you can grab it right now for just $14.99 with free shipping.  I love the color combination on these and the price is terrific.  Here are the sizes you get:

Small – 8″ x 6″

Medium – 12″ x 9″

Large – 15″ x 11 1/2″

The cutting boards would make such a great all around gift for a housewarming, for the chef, family grill master or for a wedding that I think they’re also a perfect addition to the gift closet.

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Beverly Hills CC Luggage Reg $500 Now $147 Shipped!

Here’s another fabulous luggage deal just in time for the summer travel season. I absolutely adore the magenta version of this Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu 3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set, however it is also available in your choice of five colors – green, gray, magenta, navy and orange.  The set regularly retails for $500 but you can grab it now for only $146.99 with free shipping!

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