Make Extra Cash Selling Your DVDs, CDs and Games

We’ve spent the summer moving across state lines to be closer to my parents and it has been a crazy time with lots of little extra expenses that seem to add up very fast. Instead of going through everything while packing up the old house I decided to just box everything up and bring it over. Now I’m spending time carefully going through all the boxes and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. The garage is FULL of boxes and I’ve been dividing things up into stuff we can’t live without, stuff to put on CraigsList, stuff for a yard sale and stuff to give away or donate.

I came across several boxes of movies and CDs that we haven’t watched or listened to in a long while and I was trying to decide on the best way to sell them – would I get more for them individually at a yard sale? Selling them in bulk on CraigsList? Or maybe I should try listing them on eBay? Then I found where you can easily sell your used DVDs, CDs and games.

I knew I wouldn’t get much for the movies and CDs if I put them on CraigsList or sold them at a yard sale and listing them on eBay would take a lot of time plus I’d have to pay listing fees whether they sold or not. MusicMagpie is an exciting alternative because all you have to do is type in the barcode number on your CDs, DVDs and games on their website and you’ll instantly see the price they’re offering for them. You can even scan the barcodes in with your webcam or use their free app on your iPhone or Android device. Their prices are guaranteed, there are no listing or seller fees, and they even provide you with shipping labels to send your stuff in for free. Once they receive your items they send you out a check, easy peasy! I’m thrilled to have found a simple way to make some cash and clear out some space at the same time.


Earn Cash – Get Paid for Your Old Books!

I’ve just spent most of the day cleaning out the “junk room” so I can have a larger office space and I’m thrilled to have also made $85.77 for my effort!  I divided up all the books that I found into piles of those I wanted to keep and those I just didn’t need anymore, then typed all of the ISBN numbers in at Cash4Books to see what they were worth.  Of the 15 books that I typed in they offered to buy seven of them for a total of $85.77.  They pay for shipping and there are no fees, I even got a free upgrade to FedEx shipping since I have more than five books to send in.  You can request a check or to get paid through PayPal, which is the option I chose.

Another cool thing you can do with Cash4Books if you’ve got some spare time and would like to make a few extra bucks, is that you can use any cell phone with Internet access to look up what they’ll pay for books before you even buy them.  You could look up books you find at garage sales, flea markets and used book stores to see if they’d make you a profit.  They even have an Android app that allows you to simply scan a book’s ISBN to get an immediate quote.  As for me, I’m just happy to have been paid to clean out my new space 😉