Free Kindle Book: How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

I became single earlier this year after the end of a twelve year marriage and it’s amazing how much the dating world has changed in the meanwhile. Other than online dating and hitting the bars (ugh!) how do you go about meeting eligible men? This book has a huge list of 80 ways you can meet single men and even tells you how to get their attention once you find a cutie that interests you. The best part is that the Kindle version (it’s also available in paperback) of How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams and How to Keep Him Once You’ve Found Him is free through July 25th. Head on over and download your free copy if you or someone you know is still looking for the man of their dreams!


Friday Faves: Favorite Date


Hey guys! I’m participating in a weekly vlog prompt with my friend Toni from and several of my other blogging friends, and this week we’ve been asked to talk about the favorite date that we can remember. Well, since I’m currently going through a divorce after 12 years of marriage, I honestly can’t remember a “favorite date” to tell you about so I’m talking about future dates instead.

Since I hope to start dating again sometime after this current mess is over, I’d love to hear about your ideas for a favorite date night. Thanks for watching, please come back next when I’ll be sharing my favorite quote.