How to Extend the Life of Laminate Countertops

Have your laminate countertops lost their shine? Do they have nicks and scratches in them? It’s actually pretty easy to breathe new life into those old countertops, all you need is a little food safe wax, which you can get at your local hardware store or from Amazon.  Clean the counters well with bleach or vinegar, rinse and allow to dry completely.  Next apply a thin coat of wax to the counters with a soft cloth and once it dries use another clean cloth to wipe off the excess.

If you have deeper scratches or gouges then look for laminate filler at the hardware store in a color to match your counters, or if they need more help than that you might also consider painting your counters with one of the new products available to completely transform their appearance.

Photo Credit: iClipart

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