Save Big on Luxury Items at The Real Real!

Save Big on Luxury Items at The Real Real!

Have you heard about The RealReal yet? It’s an online luxury consignment site where you can find amazing designer finds from Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo and more. Everything is 100% authentic and there are so many great deals! Take $25 off your first purchase with this link and score something fabulous for a great price. I just bought this gorgeous Kate Spade New York Scatter Station necklace, that retails for $95, for just $26.55 shipped! Use your $25.00 credit to score your next Obsession.

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6 Strategies for Shopping Consignment Sales

6 Strategies for Shopping Consignment Sales

We have a local Mom2Mom kids consignment sale that is held twice a year at the fairgrounds and I always make sure to hit each sale so I can stock up on kids’ clothes for the season. It’s such a thrill to leave each consignment sale with a load of great deals on quality used clothes, shoes and toys for my kids. At every sale I’ve been able to buy great brands of gently used and sometimes brand new items for a fraction of their retail price. Since I’ve got five kids and a limited budget consignment sales are a fabulous way to give them extended wardrobes without breaking the bank.  As an example, at this month’s sale I purchased 34 clothing items – jeans, pants, shirts, hoodies and skirts – plus a couple boxed toys for $126.  Score!

Here are some of favorite tips for finding exactly what you need and getting the best deals when shopping consignment sales:

Shop With A List

Take a list of the things you know you need with you – for example, our little boys get lots of hand me down jeans and shorts from their big brother but few of the shirts survive so I got them lots of shirts and no pants, just a few new pairs for my big boy.

Get Perfect Fitting Shoes

Draw around your children’s feet on a piece of paper and take it with you if you’re planning to shop for shoes. The shoes are never in any semblance of order at these sales and it can be hard to figure out the size. With drawings of your kids’ feet you’ll be able to quickly and easily determine if they’ll fit without having to bring your kids with you to the sale.

Leave The Kids At Home

Consignment sales are usually pretty packed with people and the displays can be pretty busy so you don’t need any other distractions.  Find somebody to watch the kids so you can concentrate on the hunt for deals without lots of begging to hit the toy aisle.

Bring A Basket

Bring something to carry the goodies! Many sales ban the use of strollers while shopping so bring a laundry basket (or maybe hubby) along to hold all the finds while you’re hunting for more. If you’ve got a rolling basket or cart then bring it along so your arms don’t get tired.

Double Check Everything!

Some clothing items look great from the front but have stains or rips on the back, missing buttons or broken zippers and you don’t want to find that out after you’ve left the sale.

Participate In The Sale

Volunteer or sell your own items at the consignment sale so you can shop early. I’ve done this before and plan to again at the next sale – if you volunteer to work a sale or if you sell your own gently used things then you typically get to shop before the sale is open to the public and you’ll have best pick!  Plus I always figure it’s a bonus if I end up making more in sales than I spend.


Mom2Mom Consignment Sale Haul!

I had planned to get a few items together to sell at this fall’s Mom2Mom consignment sale and then ended up consigning more than 350 items!  In addition to making a few bucks off the gently used clothing that my kids have grown out of, one of the best benefits for me is the ticket they give you to come in and shop early before the sale is open to the public.  My ticket got me in at six last night which is terrific since the sale doesn’t open to the public until tomorrow.  I spent $249 and came home with all of this:

(2) Easy Bake Ovens (barely used still in boxes)

(2) Polly Pockets sets (new in boxes)

(3) K’Nex cases

(1) Nascar car carrying case

(35) Action figures and toy cars

(10) Transformer toys

(2) Pair boots

(2) Pair shoes

(2) Jewelry / trinket cases

(1) Purse

(1) Old Navy hoodie (new)

(1) Gap winter coat

(9) Girls pajamas

(5) Girls shirts

(1) Cardigan sweater

(5) 2 pc girls outfits

(7) Girls pants

(2) Skirts

(4) Boys shirts

(4) Boys jeans (Levi’s & Old Navy)

(6) Boys pajamas

(5) Girls uniform pants

(2) Boys uniform shorts

(5) Boys uniform pants

That’s a total of 117 items for an average of $2.12 a piece!  Whoohoo, I’m thrilled and the kids are super excited about their “new” toys 😉  I’ve even put away a few of the new things for the quads’ upcoming birthday next month.


I Love Consignment Season!

Since they were babies I’ve been shopping for most of my kids’ clothes at consignment sales and I’m excited that consignment season is here again!  I have also sold my kids outgrown clothing and toys at the Pensacola Parents of Multiples consignment sale every year until this one.  I just haven’t had time between sick kids and everything else to get ready for the sale this year, but I’m still looking forward to shopping the sale!  Here are a few of the local consignment sales coming up this week and next – leave a comment if you see any I’ve missed or have a favorite in your area!

March 9 – 13:  Mom2Mom @ Pensacola Fairgrounds, Pensacola, Florida

March 16-20:  Mom2Mom @ St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Daphne, Alabama

March 20:  Pensacola Parents of Multiples @ Washington High School, Pensacola, Florida

March 19-20: Kidz Klozet behind Wings Sports Grille, Mobile, Alabama (this is a new clothing sale event)

See you there! Happy shopping 🙂