How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

When it comes to places we think to make cuts in our budget, the Cable Bill is often high on the list. Most people will admit they pay way more for cable than they would like and the good news is that you can easily save money on your cable bill!

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Here’s a hot deal on satellite television – get the best DirecTV package available FREE for the first five months, two free receiver upgrade, free HD for life, plus you get NFL Sunday Ticket too!  This offer is good through 10/6 when you sign up for new service with a 24 month agreement.  We live out in the middle of the woods, our nearest neighbor is six miles away and they have to pipe in sunshine so satellite television is a must for us!  We love our DirecTV and I highly recommend them.

7 Ways to Cut Your Cable Bill

This is a guest post written by Tom T. Tom who runs FindCashBackCards, a website that helps you find cash back cards, balance transfer cards, and more!

I picked up my cable bill the other day and took a glance at it. I couldn’t believe that I was paying more than $75+ a month for stupid cable! Is it worth it to me? Well, not really. To some, I can see how it’s worth paying it, if you watch TV 24/7 a day.

After viewing my bill, it kind of made me sick to my stomach since I love saving money on just about anything. That got me going and I wanted to do some research on how you can save money on cable TV and this is how I came up with the following list. By following these strategies, you should be able to save a few bucks a month!

#1 Call up and ask for a decrease – The first thing that I would do is call up your cable company and ask them to decrease your bill. Before you do this though, you’re going to want to study the other offers. You can use these offers as your reason why you want your price to go down. Also, threaten to quit. If they don’t budge, you may want to look into a different company. 9 times out of 10, they will cut back.

#2 Do you really use the whole package? Look at your package and see how many channels that you really use. Do you use them all? You may be happy downgrading your package. The biggest culprits of them all when it comes to eating up money are your movie channels.

#3 Never do pay per view – Have you looked at the Pay Per View prices lately? I checked it the other day and it was up to $8 a movie! Don’t buy into these high-priced movies. Instead, you’re going to want to either hit up your local Redbox or maybe subscribe to Netflix.

#4 Just dump your cable – With services such as Netflix and Hulu online, you can get a lot of the programming that you already enjoy right on the Internet. Grab a digital antenna and you will be able to enjoy all of your local channels as well.

#5 Hook your computer up – Grab a cable and hook up your computer to the TV. Here, you will be able to stream everything from your computer to your TV. Again, you can sign up for services online that stream just about every show imaginable! If you’re a sports junkie, you can even subscribe to major sporting channels for a low fee and you can get all the games all season long.

#6 Get Roku – This is amazing and is going to save you $100s if you love to watch movies via pay per view. It hooks up through Amazon’s on Demand service and you can stream movies right to your TV. Most movies are around $3 to rent, while some are even free!

#7 Subscribe to Netflix – For as little a few dollars a month, you can get Netflix monthly. Not only will you be able to rent movies, you can stream 1000s of movies / TV shows online for free. It’s a great alternative to TV giving you a lot to choose from!

As you can see, there are many ways to cut back on cable, if not get it for free! Test out some of these tips to see how much you can save. Good luck!