Do You Bamboo? 5 Reasons to Love Bamboo Sheets

Do You Bamboo? 5 Reasons to Love Bamboo Sheets

Do You Bamboo? 5 Reasons to Love Bamboo Sheets

Terms like “environmentally friendly” are used often these days. Many manufacturers throw these terms supposedly signifying eco-sensitivity onto their labels to try to catch the bandwagon of consumer consciousness. Sadly, sometimes these words are merely empty marketing, with no thought whatsoever for the environment going into product manufacturing. However, the growing use of bamboo in construction materials and textiles, including bed sheets, is a trend that can lay actual claim to being planet-sensitive. There are multiple reasons to strip your bed and put bamboo sheets on it right now. Read on for five reasons to love bamboo sheets.

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Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for rest and relaxation after a busy day. It should be a comfortable, inviting space with necessary conveniences and privacy that will help you begin each new day with renewed energy and motivation. With some creative effort and design tips, you can turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat that you’ll love.

Inviting Colors

Changing your paint and bedding colors will quickly change the look of your entire bedroom. With thousands of colors to choose from, narrow your choices to several colors that compliment your furniture and style. For a tranquil, relaxing bedroom, choose a light, cool color like sky blue or mint. Select modern bedding linens in soft shades of ivory, brown or gray. For a more dramatic look, go with deeper colors like crimson, cobalt or emerald mixed with bed linens in white or pearl gray. For touches of glamour, integrate touches of gold or silver in accents and accessories.

Soft Lighting

Your bedroom should have a good balance of natural, ambient, task and accent lighting. Windows in the room provide natural lighting and warmth from the sun. Ambient lighting, also called overhead lighting, like recessed lights, tracks lights, chandeliers and pendants provide uniform light levels throughout the room without glare. Task lighting like table or desk lamps and wall mounted reading lights provide direct lighting over a specific area. Accent lighting spotlights art, accessories or plants and creates a dramatic appeal. For a soft, relaxing atmosphere, put all of your overhead fixtures on dimmers and only use incandescent light bulbs in all of your fixtures.


When selecting accessories, look for items that compliment your bedroom style and offer visual interest with size, shape, color or texture. Large accessories like mirrors, paintings and lamps have a big impact on finished design appeal, so make sure sizes and colors enhance the space. Small accents like throw pillows come in a variety of fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, silk, faux fur, suede and leather. You can choose solid colors, simple textures and bold patterns with a variety of decorative edging. For a subtle, sophisticated look, select solid colors in cotton, linen or silk with fringe or tassels. For modern, dramatic appeal, add pillows in bold patterns, faux fur or leather. To create a romantic, eclectic look, use pillows in novelty shapes and fabrics like fur, sequins, beads or embroidery.


1500 Thread Count Sheets Low As $45!

Are you a sheet snob?  High thread count sheets are one of those things in life that you just can't get over once you've tried them.  So I have to admit to being a bit of a sheet snob myself as I just don't like to sleep on sheets with less than a 400 thread count, and the last couple sets I bought for myself were 600 TC sheets that were pricey even on sale.  My philosophy is this – I'm a very frugal person and I like to save money wherever I can, but the whole point of saving on the things we need is to be able to afford the things we want.  The two things that I'm always willing to splurge on are dinner out with hubby once a week and luxurious sheets!

Luckily this week we can get the best deal I've ever seen on the most luxurious sheets I've ever slept on!  The generous people at term paper” target=”_blank”> sent me a set of their 1500 thread count sheets to try out and being a sheet snob I jumped at the chance to have a set of my own.  I received the chocolate set shown above and the sheets are absolutely divine! 

High thread count sheets are notoriously expensive with ones like I received retailing for over $210, but the every day price at is just $90 for queen size, $100 for King size and $110 for California King sheets.  Those prices are amazing, but for a limited time they are also offering Shopper Strategy readers a coupon code for 50% off your entire order!  That makes the sheets $45 for Queen, $50 for King and $55 for Cal King when you use promo code SHOP50 and those prices just can't be beat , plus you get free shipping if you order two or more sets!  I love them so much that I just bought another set for myself and a set for my parents because life is just too short to go without nice sheets!


KMart White Sale up to 50% Off PLUS $30 Off $100

If you’re in need of some new towels or sheets you might want to take advantage of the KMart White Sale where you can get up to 50% off all Bed & Bath plus you can take an EXTRA $30 off $100 and get FREE Shipping with promo code SOFTHOME30OFF100.  Hurry over for best selection as this offer ends on May 21st!