Sarah’s Shopping Trips 1/7/2010

Boy Howdy do I feel like I’ve just won a jackpot of some kind with all my savings today.  I started out at Walgreens with a handful of coupons and the list of what I was going to get.  I ended up paying about .55 per can for the 9 cans of Progresso Soup I bought (with coupons and RR’s), then got two bottles of children’s Tylenol Cold with an end price of $1.50 each, AND four bottles of TheraFlu with an end price of .49 per bottle, and that’s in addition to 6 bags of other items.   I ended up with a total purchase price of $135.66 and I paid a net of $42.28  (with $14 in rr’s) — a 69% savings.  I felt like I was buying out the store!

Here is probably the best part for me — Publix had a sale on their AleveD (from $8.29 to $5.99) and I had a $1.00 mfg coupon.  I also had a $5.00 mfg coupon on two Aleve or Bayer products, so I got 2 bottles of the 81 gm bayer aspirin that my husband takes daily.   That’s all I ran in to get today, and here’s my “haul” and cash register receipt……



Check it out!  I used one of my $5 Walgreens rr’s  and ended up paying .13 out of pocket for the AleveD and two bottles of Bayer Aspirin!  Now that’s my kind of shopping.

**Side note here — that AleveD is absolutely the greatest for a cold!  When I feel like I’m coming down with a cold (itchy / runny nose or little headache) I take one in the morning and usually I don’t need to take any more, or at the most one the next morning.  My theory is if you feel a cold coming on, you need to “get it” before “it” gets you!!!


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  1. Great job! Do you live in Pensacola? Im about 10 minutes from there, Im in Milton !

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