Racking Up at Consignment Sales!

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We feel pretty lucky that our county has a school uniform policy because it’s hard enough to get all five kids up, dressed and out in the morning when we know in advance they’ll be wearing some combination of navy and khaki!  The problem with that is that when summer comes they have hardly anything to wear since they’ve been in uniforms all year long, and we simply don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on play clothes that they’ll just wear for a few months.  That’s why we plan in advance and wait for a few consignment sales that happen each year in our area.   

Today I hit the Mom2Mom sale in Daphne – I paid a $1 entry fee so I could shop on the first day and I got there early for the best selection.  They were still putting out the signs when I got there so I lucked out and was able to pick up quite a few summer things for the kids, and I even got some uniform pants, shorts and skirts for this fall, all for just $110!  Here’s a breakdown of what I bought:   

  • 5 – Girl’s Pants
  • 2 – Girl’s Short Outfits
  • 1 – Girl’s Shorts
  • 5 – Girl’s Uniform Skirts & Pants
  • 7 – Skirts
  • 1 – Girl’s Pajamas
  • 6 – Boy’s Shorts
  • 5 – Boy’s Uniform Shorts & Pants
  • 13 – Boy’s Shirts
  • 1 – Boy’s Pajamas

There were a total of 57 pieces for just $110, or less than $2 per piece and I got some great brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Izod, Bugle Boy and Gymboree!  Here are my favorite tips for a successful consignment sale shopping trip.   

Take a list of the things you know you need with you – for example, our little boys get lots of hand me down shorts from their big brother but few of the shirts survive so I got them lots of shirts and no shorts, just a few new pair for our big boy.   

Draw around your children’s feet on a piece of paper and take it with you if you’re planning to shop for shoes.  The shoes are never in any semblance of order at these sales and it can be hard to figure out the size.  With drawings of your kids’ feet you’ll be able to quickly and easily determine if they’ll fit without having to bring your kids with you to the sale.   

Leave the kids at home.  Find somebody to watch the kids so you can concentrate on the hunt for deals without lots of begging to hit the toy aisle.   

Bring something to carry the goodies!  Many sales ban the use of strollers while shopping so bring a laundry basket (or maybe hubby) along to hold all the finds while you’re hunting for more.   

Double check everything!  Some clothing items look great from the front but have stains or rips on the back, missing buttons or broken zippers and you don’t want to find that out after you’ve left the sale.   

Volunteer or sell your own items so you can shop early.  I’ve done this before and plan to again this fall – if you volunteer to work a sale or if you sell your own gently used things then you typically get to shop before the sale is open to the public and you’ll have best pick!



  1. Shebella says

    That was good shopping.

  2. How fun! We hit Goodwill on Memorial Day for all their 50% off sales & got some great deals too!

  3. Yay! Thanks Sarah & Shebella! I’m still giddy with excitement and can’t wait for the kids to see their new stuff 🙂 Well, the stuff that I haven’t put away for later at least!

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