Hot New Extreme Couponing App!

A couple of weeks ago Kelly from Working Mom Coupons was on the Extreme Couponing television show and I watched her whiz through the store with her handy dandy iPad spreadsheet, recalculating her shopping trip totals on the fly!  It was amazing and I immediately wanted a copy of the spreadsheet for myself.  It turns out that Kelly is a bit of a spreadsheet wizard and she designed it for herself, but she's had SO MANY requests for it since the show aired that it's now available for sale on her website.  You can choose from a Numbers or Excel version for just $4.99, depending on what you're running on your device, and I'm certain you'll save much more than that from using the app! 

Kelly has been so thrilled and humbled by the interest in her spreadsheet that she is also sponsoring a giveaway for an iPad2 – everyone who downloads the spreadsheet is automatically entered to win, but no purchase is necessary to enter!  Click here for more details!

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